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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 9th May 2022 Dev pulls Krisha to him and asks what she was doing outside Vamika’s room? Krisha says why? you never questioned me before like this. Are you not trusting me anymore? Dev says not at all, I am just worried that you might break it. Krisha says I would rather die before that. I promise you, whatever I do today will be for our love.

Rati comes to Vamika and blesses her. Jaya messages Vamika that Krisha-Rati planned something so just follow Rati. Rati asks Vamika to come with her to eat something before the function. Vamika goes with her and smirks.

Rati deliberately throws juice on her and says sorry. Vamika says it’s okay, I will change. Rati goes out of the room and locks her room. Rati tells Krisha that I have locked her here. Vamika thinks they are thinking their planned worked but it’s actually what I want.

Dev is getting Aarav ready for the function and asks him to keep Vamika happy as she is going to be his partner. He leaves. Aarav says how will I take this responsibility.

The engagement function starts, a minister comes there so Kach and Minakshi welcome them. Kach tells her that once they get married and have a baby then we will rule this reign.

Jaya blesses Aarav and says I have brought juice for you so have it before coming down. Jaya recalls mixing sleeping pills in the juice.

Jaya comes to Minakshi and congratulates her. Minakshi comes to Aarav and says you are looking like a king, let’s go. He leaves. Minakshi drinks the juice that Jaya prepared for Aarav.

Minakshi brings Aarav to the function and says the groom is here. Let’s dance. Minakshi funnily starts dancing. Krisha says I will bring Vamika. She brings a girl in a veil there. Minakshi says let’s start the engagement.

Krisha whispers to Aarav that don’t worry, everything is fine. The girl offers her hand to Aarav but Dev stops her and says Vamika never takes off her sacred thread but she is not wearing it right now? Vamika comes there and says because she is not Vamika. All are shocked. Krisha and Rati get worried.

Minakshi takes off the veil of the woman and it’s Aditi. All are stunned. Kach says what are you doing here? Krisha says enough, you should respect her as a woman. Aarav will get engaged to the one he loves. She asks him to get engaged. Dev asks what is she doing? Krisha says I am doing the right thing, he loves her so don’t force Vamika on him. He loves Aditi so let him engage with her.

Kach says enough, you are deliberately doing all this. Dev asks Aarav if he loves Aditi? Aarav says yes, I was scared to tell you the truth before but yes I love Aditi. All are shocked. Krisha asks Aarav to get engaged to her. Aarav and Aditi exchange rings and become engaged.

Kach takes Minakshi from there. Dev tells Aarav that you should have told us the truth but you broke our trust. Vamika smirks and runs from there. Dev glares at Krisha and says you have dishinored us in front of everyone. Jaya runs behind Vamika.

Vamika and Jaya laugh. Vamika says I didn’t have to do anything but I am shown as the woman who was treated unfairly. Vamika locks herself in the room. Dev and Krisha come there. Jaya says she can do anything, she was so hurt.

Krisha says she won’t do anything, she is just doing a drama. Dev says enough Krisha, you are blinded by your hatred for her that’s why you can’t see her pain. He asks her to stay silent and don’t move at all.

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Telecast Date:9th May 2022
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