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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 6th May 2022 Krisha thinks I have to stop Vamika and Aarav’s engagement but I can’t let Dev get involved. Dev comes there and says I will fulfill duties from both of us for this engagement. He goes to sleep on the sofa. Krisha says I am afraid that his anger might turn into hatred, I have to fulfill my duties also.

Dev comes to Vamika who acts like she is crying. He asks what happened? Vamika says I am missing my parents today. They would have been happy at my engagement. Dev says your parents might not be with you but I am here to fulfill all the duties. He gifts her for her engagement and says this is your family now.

Vamika holds his hand and says I trust you but what if I accept this as my family and I am insulted here? Dev says I promise you that I won’t let anyone insult you, or make you cry. Vamika says even if it’s your wife? Dev says yes, even if it’s my wife, she will have to pay for making you cry. Vamika smirks.

Jaya comes to Vamika and applies mehndi to her. She writes Dev on her hand. Vamika says I am scared that I might have to marry Aarav. Jaya says that won’t happen because he has opened up to Krisha, we don’t have to do anything as Krisha will stop your and Aarav’s engagement then you cry so much that Dev feels pity for you.

Vamika says what if Krisha can’t stop the engagement? Jaya says don’t underestimate her middle-class thinking as she would fight her husband but won’t let Aarav get engaged to you. That will bring you closer to Dev.

Kach tells Minakshi that Aarav and Vamika’s marriage will make us the king and queens of this palace. Aarav thinks they don’t know I will break their hearts.

Latika asks Jaya why is she helping Vamika? Jaya says I don’t care if she marries Aarav or Dev but I want her to be under my favors so I can use her.

Krisha brings the dress for Vamika. Vamika says you must be happy that I am getting engaged? Krisha says not at all, I feel bad for Aarav as you don’t deserve him. She leaves. Vamika says your hatred will stop this engagement.

Rati is getting ready for the engagement but Ugra throws away her dress and says you are a ill-person in this house who couldn’t even save her baby so she shouldn’t attend the engagement. Rati says so it means Raghav won’t attend the engagement too?

He killed my baby so he is the ill person, if I don’t come then he won’t come also. Ugra is about to slap but Rati holds her hand and asks her to go away. Ugra leaves. Rati cries and says thank you Krisha for giving me strength.

Krisha is getting ready for the engagement. Dev comes there and stares at her. Krisha sadly smiles at him. Dev doesn’t talk to her and leaves from there. Krisha says I know what I will do might look bad but you would understand me soon. She takes engagement rings from there.

Aarav talks to himself and says one side is my love and otherside is my duty and my family. Krisha said she had a plan but what if it separates Dev and Krisha?

Krisha tells Rati that I am doing this without telling Dev, are you with me? Rati says I am always with you. Krisha says I never want you to put in more trouble. Rati says I think someone is spying on us.

Vamika is getting ready and tells Jaya that I am scared, Krisha didn’t do anything till now. I can’t get engaged to Aarav. Jaya says don’t worry, I am sure Krisha will do something otherwise I won’t let you marry Aarav.

Jaya hides and hears Krisha-Rati talking. She thinks they must be planning something. Jaya comes there and asks Krisha to be a well-wisher of Vamika now, she is going to be a queen of this state so you have to respect her. She leaves. Krisha wishes luck to Rati to do her work, Rati nods and leaves from there.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2022
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