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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 5th July 2022 Ugra tells the family that I didn’t want to hurt Krisha, I took her for her own benefit, I wanted evil powers to leave her body. I gave her some medicines, she fainted and I took her to a magician.

Jaya says how could you do that and you tried to frame Vamika too? She says sorry to Vamika and says Ugra should be punished for this. We should hand her over to the police. Ugra says I was just thinking about family’s safety,

she cries and says please believe me. Jaya says I don’t trust you, you are lying. Who was helping you? Ugra says nobody helped me. Jaya says I know you are trying to protect your son. Raghav says what? I was not a part of this plan.

Vamika says I have proof against you. She shows the video of Raghav hiding the acid bottle that he used against Krisha. Jaya says they both plotted all this. Dev slaps Raghav and calls the police.

Raghav says Vamika is trapping me, Jaya is also taking her side but they are wrong. Dev shouts at him to stop talking. He asks the inspector to arrest him. Raghav sits in Krisha’s feet and says I did all this to make the evil powers leave this house, please forgive me. Jaya says I don’t think we should forgive him.

Krisha says Raghav has apologized for the first time. Krisha tells Dev that I know what they did was wrong but their intentions were not wrong so forgive him. Dev asks the inspector to leave. Dev tells the family that there are no evil powers in the house. He says sorry to Vamika for doubting her. She says it’s okay. Dev takes Krisha from there.

Naina asks Raghav if he was behind all those incidents? Raghav says I had no part in all this but I had to take the blame because Ugra made me hide that acid bottle. Ugra says why did you take the blame? Raghav says Dev would have been sent to jail so I had to accept the crime which I didn’t do. Someone else is behind all this and we have to find out who that is. Ugra says no, don’t do anything which will make Dev go against you again.

Vamika laughs and tells Jaya that it was our plan but we framed Raghav. She says I was behind all those creepy incidents. Jaya says we did all that to make Dev and Krisha leave that room. I want them to leave that room, not because of an evil power but because of big secret hiding there. We have to make them leave the room soon.

Dev smiles at Krisha and asks if she is fine? Krisha says yes, don’t worry, you have become cheesy since we came here. Dev says I am trying to be romantic and you are a buzzkill. We should go back to our old room. Jaya hides outside the room and hears them. Krisha says I want to stay here. Dev says okay then we are not leaving. He says you and Jaya are the reason for my life.

Krisha says if I ask you to stay here and Jaya asks you to leave then will you listen to me? Dev says you both are important to me. If I have to choose between you and Jaya Maa.. Krisha says I will never ask you to choose between her and me. I know she is your mother, she took care of you, she raised you so I will never ask you to choose. Dev says that’s why you are the best. He says I need to talk to Jaya and leaves from there.

Dev comes to Jaya and says you called me? Jaya says I was not sure you would come. Dev says if you call me then I will always come.

Krisha comes to the washroom and hears someone screaming behind the wall. She listens around and says is there someone behind here? Raghav was caught then what’s happening?

Jaya tells Dev that when you decided to stay in the room, I felt sad that I wouldn’t be able to talk to you. Dev says I am sorry. Jaya says some party workers want to meet you, should I call them tomorrow? He says yes.

Krisha comes there and asks Dev to come with her. She brings him and Jaya to the washroom and says I could hear someone crying in pain. Jaya says did you hear anything? Krisha says I couldn’t but I could hear someone crying. She hugs Dev. Jaya thinks Krisha can’t find out the truth.

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Telecast Date:5th July 2022
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