Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 3rd May 2022 Krisha prays to Lord to make her love win and bring Dev back.

Dev and Vamika are walking on the road, Vamika acts scared and hugs him. Dev says it’s fine. It starts raining, Dev gives his coat to her and tries to find shelter. They stand under the tree, Dev goes to find some help. Vamika hugs his coat and smirks.

Krisha holds a diya and starts doing tandav in the mandir. She pleads for her lover to return.

Dev finds a hut and brings Vamika there. He hugs her hands and feet. Vamika says I can’t bear the cold. Dev closes the door and sits with her. Vamika thinks I will break Krisha’s trust today, he won’t be able to go back to her. Dev gives her a shawl as she is shivering.

Krisha tries to call Dev but he doesn’t pick up. She says I trust Dev but I don’t trust Vamika, she must have done something. I can go to him but Jaya won’t allow me. What to do? She gets an idea and takes her scooty keys. She tries to leave her room but Jaya has locked her door from outside and whispers that I won’t let them meet today.

Dev is trying to contact Krisha. Vamika says I am sorry for spoiling your day with Krisha. Dev says it’s okay, I will pacify her, she will understand.

Krisha tries to unlock her door but can’t, she says I have to reach Dev at any cost. She finds a window there. She jumps from there and drives away.

Vamika fidns tea and says I will make tea for you. Dev says okay. Vamika makes tea and mixes sleeping pills in his tea. Dev says we should leave now. Vamika says have some tea first. Dev drinks it and feels dizzy. He says let’s go but falls down. Vamika makes him sit down and says he will be close to me now.

Krisha is riding her scooty when a goon starts following her. Krisha stops her scooty and asks him to stop following her. The man asks her to give her jewelry to him. Krisha says do you know who I am? I am Dev’s wife.

The goon shows a dagger to her and says give me everything. Krisha takes off her jewelry. He asks for her mangalsutra. Krisha beats him and says how dare you ask for that? She grabs his dagger and says I will give all my jewelry to you but not this mangalsutra. The goon drops her jewelry and runs away. Krisha leaves from there.

Vamika asks Dev if he is fine? Dev imagines Krisha in Vamika. She thinks Dev will be mine now. She makes him drink more tea.

Krisha enters the village and asks a man about Dev and Vamika. The man says they left way early. Krisha says really? She thinks if Vamika has done something with Dev? I have to find him at any cost.

Dev imagines Krisha in Vamika and sits close to her, he says I am sorry for not reaching to you on time. He says I fell in love with you, you have changed everything in my life, thank you. Vamika smirks and says you have made my life beautiful.

Dev says Krisha you are so pretty. Vamika says he is still jabbing about Krisha. Dev falls asleep. She tries to wake him up but he is unconscious. Vamika gets angry and says that Krisha will win now. Krisha finds the hut and arrives there. Vamika looks at her and smirks. She says I am happy to see her here.


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Krisha enters the house and sees Devraj with Vamika lying down on bed together, she is in shock.

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Telecast Date:3rd May 2022
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