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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 29th July 2022 Dev asks Krisha to give him money. Krisha says I don’t have money. Dev asks what happened? Jaya smirks and recalls how she told Krisha to take the blame on herself. Dev asks where is the money.

Krisha says I gave it to my mom. Ugra says what? She gave 20 lacs to her mother. Vamika says she was not giving you a penny and gave this much amount to her mother. Jaya tells Krisha that Dev needed it so why did you give it to your mother? All family members are angry.

Ugra shouts how can she give our money to her parents? Jaaya says it’s okay, she just got the power so she might have thought to help her parents. Dev tells Krisha you can take whatever you want from me but you should have informed me first. I am disappointed, he leaves from there.

Ugra tells her that she should be careful of our wealth. They all leave from there. Jaya smirks and tells Krisha that the main games have started, you can’t win against me because I am the evil one here. Krisha says you have started this game but I will end it.

Dev is packing his bags when Krisha helps him. He ignores her but Krisha says I am sorry. I will give the money back to you. Dev says I don’t care about the money, I had to give it to the vendor so I got insulted.

We promised to tell everything to each other so why did you hide this from me? Krisha says I am sorry, I won’t do this again. Dev leaves from there. Jaya comes to her and says your relationship is shaky because of my attack. Krisha says we all did a mistake by trusting you but now you are doing a mistake of thinking you will win this war but you won’t.

Scene 2
Rati asks Krisha to tell her what happened? I know you wouldn’t give money to your mother like that so tell me. Krisha says it’s my fight but my mother was trapped so I had to lie. She tells her what Jaya did. Rati says don’t worry, the truth will come out soon. Krisha nods.

Krisha and Rati bring food to Virendra. He is looking at their old photos and shows Dev’s childhood photos to Krisha. She asks about different photos but he can’t remember anything. Krisha says you will start recalling everything soon. Rati says we should tell Dev that he is realling the past. Krisha calls Dev but ends the call.

She leaves from there and tells Rati that if I tell Dev that Virendra is getting his memory back then he will tell Jaya and Virendra might get in danger so I have to bring her truth out first.

Vamika comes to Jaya’s room. Jaya says you shouldn’t come here as Krisha can find out about us. Vamika says I am just telling you that Krisha is up to something. I heard her talking to Rati. Jaya says I have an idea.

Jaya comes to Ugra and says I got to know that you asked for 5 lacs from Krisha and she denied you? You should have asked me. She gives 5 lacs cheque to her but Raghav asks why are you helping us suddenly?

Jaya says I can see that Krisha wants to rule this palace. I know I am an outsider but I have been with this family for years so we have to protect ourselves. Krisha will soon throw us out of the palace so we have to do something before that. Naina says I can’t live in poverty. Jaya says you can help me.

Rati is Krisha’s sister like so you can ask her what Krisha tells her, Rati would know what Krisha is up to. Please help me out. She gives 5 lacs to Ugra and says let me know if you need anything. Ugra gets happy.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2022
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