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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 23rd December 2021 Krisha stands outside the car but there’s no space. She sits down. Aarav takes Devraj. Krisha waits for the bus. It starts raining. The other girl leaves too. Aarav sees Krisha standing. she hides her face. Devraj says excuse me. You can sit in our car. Hr comes out. Krisha has hidden her face. Devraj says the weather is bad. I will drop you. I am Devraj Rathore.

You are safe with me. You shouldn’t stay here. Krisha looks the other way. She slips. Devraj holds her. Krisha recalls meeting him. Devraj doesn’t recognize her. Aarav says let’s go it’s raining. Aarav says you can come with us. He says you should come with us otherwise he will reach before you. Krisha sits in their car. Krisha recalls her moments with Devraj. Devraj says let us know where you wanna get dropped.

She asks him to stop on the way. Devraj says but it looks like an empty place. Aarav says there is a village nearby. Krisha runs. She says I’ve to get home before Devraj. She comes in the garage.

Scene 2
Devraj comes home. Jaya asks his questions. She says did you miss Devraj? He says no I didn’t. I am here for my plan. Jaya says but.. Devraj says I can’t lose my plan. I think about my benefit. Jaya says but using Krisha like this..

He says she’s Maya. Jaya says but why.. Devraj says you know exactly why. If Maya comes back you know the benefit we would. Krisha looking like Maya is a miracle and we can’t lose it. Krisha calls Aarav and asys please stop him for some minutes. Aarav distracts Devraj.

Rati looks for Krisha. She says I got your food. Aarav says to Devraj let’s drink. Devraj says are you out of your mind. Aarav tells Rati Krisha isn’t home. Krisha jumps in from the window. Devraj says are you sleeping Krisha? Someone is in her bed. Krisha says who’s that? Devraj says Jaya maa was telling you’re not well but I hope you are not working on any idea. Get up. Krisha sees it Rati. Devraj is about to take off the blanket. Aarav says Jaya is calling you urgently. Devraj says I just met her. Aarav says she didn’t tell me. Devraj leaves.

Krisha comes in. Rati says what’s going on Krisha? Aarav says he left. Aarav says where did you go? Rati says you can trust us. Krisha recalls Devraj said she can’t tell anyone. Devraj says to Jaya you were calling me? Aarav said it?

She says he does pranks all the time. Devraj says I have to find about that shooter. Jaya says because he harmed Krisha? He says no he tried to take my Maya away from me. Ugra says to Raghav remove all proofs. Devraj says it feels like he’s close to and he has benefit in killing me. Ugra says to Raghav I have stopped the cameras. Go and remove that car before Jaya finds out the cameras are working.

Scene 3
Rati asks Krisha. Krisha says I can’t tell you both. Krisha says just take care of Devraj so even if I am not around he’s okay. Rati says you both love each other so much why do you sound like you won’t be around. Krisha says we are not friends so I can’t tell you everything. You are like a sister to Devraj. You respect him a lot os promise me you will take care of him. And if you find about that shooter, it will be great. Rati recalls what Raghav said and did.

Krisha takes a bath. Her phones rings. Devraj hears her talking. He says what’s this noise? Devraj comes inside. He was in the washroom too. Devraj says were you talking to someone? She says I was talking to you. Devraj says what? She says I was confused who was in washroom. He says I didn’t know you were here. Devraj says you were not well. Krisha says go from here. He slips and falls in the bathtub.

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Telecast Date:23rd December 2021
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