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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 18th May 2022 Jaya asks Krisha to make soup for Vamika as she is pregnant. Krisha brings the soup to her. Vamika asks her to feed her.

Krisha feeds her the soup and says I don’t care what you want to do, I am standing with you if someone did wrong with you but I know you are dreaming to give Dev’s name to this baby. Vamika says this family will break your relationship with Dev. Krisha says I can do anything for my husband so don’t doubt me.

Krisha comes to her room and finds Dev in the washroom. She looks for Aarav’s room keys. Dev comes there and asks if she is looking for the keys? Krisha says please let me check his room for once. She tries to snatch the key from him but they both fall on the bed. Krisha takes the key from him and tries to run. She swaps the key and gives a fake one to him, he leaves. Krisha smirks.

Minakshi brings toys and stuff for Vamika’s baby. She finds a bag there with abortion pils. All are shocked. Vamika says I don’t have a choice. This family is pointing fingers at me and I won’t let people question my baby so I will finish it.

Dev stops her and says everything will be fine. Jaya says we have to make everything fine, we have to do something for Vamika. Krisha thinks I have to find Aarav.

Krisha comes to Aarav’s room and searches his laptop. Krisha says everyone thinks Vamika is a good person but that is all a lie. I will bring her truth out. She finds Aarav’s last live location in his laptop.

Dev comes to his room, Krisha is there and asks what happened? Dev says the commissioner is looking for Aarav but they couldn’t find him. Krisha says we will find him soon. Dev says I am telling you that you won’t get involved in this matter. Krisha says don’t worry. Dev says I am worried about Vamika, we promised to take care of her. Krisha hugs him to console him.

Scene 2
In the morning, Dev comes to Jaya and says I couldn’t sleep last night. Jaya says Vamika’s baby is our heir so I don’t want that baby to be called as illegitimate, I thought you would keep our honor up and won’t let anyone question us but you just care about your love. Dev says I have promised Krisha also.

Jaya says we have to do justice with Vamika before she takes a drastic step. If Aarav doesn’t come back then what will happen to this baby? You are a royal so you have to take up responsibilities. You have to leave Krisha and marry Vamika. You have to give that baby your name. She gives divorce papers to him and asks him to sign it. Dev is shocked.

Krisha comes to the location where Aarav was last time. She says I should meet Aarav’s friend.

Dev tells Jaya that I can’t break my wife’s heart. Jaya says what about your promise to Vamika? If you can’t fulfill your promises then why did you make them in the first place? Dev says try to understand me.

Jaya says Vamika might die so you have to do it. Dev says I will find Aarav and he will marry Vamika. He says I will fulfill my promises but not like this. I have always agreed with all your orders but not this one. He leaves. Jaya smirks.

Krisha is looking around the area for Aarav. She messages his friend Kritika to help her find Aarav. If the police finds out about you then they would question you. Kritika messages her that she doesn’t know about Aarav.

Vamika tells Jaya that you thought Dev would listen to you but Krisha is more important to him. Jaya says you don’t know what I am doing, my next step will break Dev down.

Krisha send a video message to Kritika and says I am Aarav’s well-wisher, I have to find him as Vamika is lying about him. Please help me find him.


Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Krisha is holding papers, she asks Jayamaa what is this? Jayamaa says it’s destiny of your and Devraj relationship, one or the other day you and Devraj were going to be separated because responsibility of Ambikapur is more important to Devraj than you, that’s why Devraj have to give his name to kid. Krisha is in tears.

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Telecast Date:18th May 2022
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