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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 15th November 2021 Krisha picks her pouch. Devraj comes out of the car to see her. The car blasts. Everyone is shocked. The police come there. Singh comes too. He says don’t worry. Yash says where is Devraj? Singh says he had to go from here. Media will make a huge issue out of it. Don’t know who is after his life. Krisha says why don’t you tell the police about that girl? He says Devraj will handle it himself. Krisha says but where is he?

Devraj sits in his car. Krisha comes there. She says devraj.. open the window. He drives away. Krisha runs and comes in front of his car. He comes out. She says so this is your way to handle it? What about our plan? We were going to Ambikapur to get married? What happened ot that? You said I matter a lot to you.

And you’re leaving me now? Why? He says I was wrong. I thought I could handle it and then marry you but I couldn’t. She says you rich people think we don’t have a heart and feelings? You like something it’s yours. We will marry. He says no we won’t marry. She says you said decisions taken from heart can’t be changed.

You changed yourself. He says no you’re still important for me. She says then what’s the problem? Devraj says it’s in front of you. You and your family could lose your lives because of me. Krisa says but that didn’t happen. He says because of you. If you weren’t out, I won’t have gone out to help you. We would all have died. I can bear the pain of being away from you but I can’t risk your life. Devraj sits in the car and says forget everything. He leaves. Krisha cries.

Roma coems there. Krisha says what do you want? Get out. You can’t kill him. Tell me what will you do? I won’t let you harm him. God is with me. It starts raining. Krisha says I will protect him. You are a coward. She shoots Krisha. Krisha was imagining. The car is in front of her. Roma starts driving towards her. Krisha runs.

Scene 2
Sudha says what was the point of all this? Chef says God will fix everything. I know he will make sense out of it. He will protect Krisha and Devraj. She says I hope you don’t risk her life.

Krisha runs. Roma drives towards her. Devraj smashes her car. He stands in front of Krisha. Roma drives away. Krisha hugs Devraj.. Devraj and Krisha dry themselves. Krisha says you came back? Why? He says I don’t know. My heart asked me to return. She says to save me? He says we have gotten used to save each other?

Krisha says our lives are tied together. We can’t part ways now. He says what do you mean? Krisha says your future, my pandit told me next one month will be difficult for you. He says and you still want to be with me? Krisha says whatever it is, we will face it together. Devraj says you’re too young to understand all this. You’re saying all this in emotions and love. When you come to Ambikapur you might want to back off and think that you were hasty.

Krisha says I won’t back off. He says who would want to be with a man whose life is in danger and he doesn’t know his future? Krisha says tell me one person who knows about tomorrow? We can send her to the jail. He says my men are trying to do that but who knows if she would succeed first in killing.. Krisha stops him. Devraj says it was my mistake that I was being selfish and proposed to you. But now I am thinking about you. Krisha says I can wait for you all my life. Your life matters more than my love. I want to protect you. I love you a lot. Let me help you. Marry me. This is right, for you, for me.

Scene 3
Pandit ji matches the kundlis. He says they are completely compatible. They can get married tomorrow. The next one month is tough. Chef says we can do it after a month then? Pandit ji says Krisha’s fate can save him. He’s saved from the troubles because of Krisha. Chef says how would his family come so far?

Pandit ji says anything can happen to him if Krisha isn’t with him. Krisha says mom dad, support me in this decision. Please do what he’s saying. Chef says what about his family? Krisha says would they understand? Devraj says pandit ji there’s no danger right now. Pandit ji says because Krisha is with you. Krisha says I won’t let anything happen to you. Devraj says we will get married tomorrow. I will do all the preparations. Take care of Krisha. I will handle the rest.

Scene 4
Krisha gets ready. Sudha says your most special day is being hasty. Krisha says God has given me signs to marry Devraj. He’s the prince I always waited for. This my fairytale. Sudha says we all like him but these circumstances. I hope your fairytale doesn’t become a nightmare. Krisha says don’t worry. Devraj is with me. We will face it all together. Sudha hugs him.

Devraj and Krisha come to the mandap.


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Telecast Date:15th November 2021
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