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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 10th May 2022 Dev knocks on the door and asks Vamika to open the door, when she doesn’t, he breaks the door and enters the house. Vamika holds a knife to her hand and says I was insulted today, I was left for a common girl and my own sister-in-laws cheated me. My honor has been destroyed so it’s better that I die. Kach stops her and says I will make Aarav apologize to you. Vamika says that won’t bring back my self-respect.

Kach comes to Aarav’s room but finds a letter there. He goes back to the family. Dev asks where is Aarav? Kach gives him the letter. Dev reads the letter which says thank you Krisha, you helped me in opening my eyes and letting me know that I should fight for my love, I am running away with my love.

Dev glares at Krisha and says you gave him this idea? he will be called a coward now. Krisha says Aarav promised me that he won’t leave, if he didn’t leave then where is he? he might be in trouble. Ugra says you think everyone is plotting against you. Kach says who will kidnap Aarav? the only one plotting in this house is you. You have destroyed Vamika’s life because of your hatred.

Krisha says Vamika is lying, she never wanted to marry Aarav. Jaya says look at her state. Krisha says she never wanted to marry Aarav and she is making my family against me. Dev asks her to stop it. Jaya says you didn’t even care about Dev’s honor and his promise.

Dev can’t become a king because of you so we had hopes from Aarav but he is gone because of you also. Jaya tells Dev that I am always with you but I just think that you shouldn’t have married a common girl. She leaves. Krisha tells Dev that I am sure Aarav is in some trouble, I will find him and bring Vamika’s truth out. She leaves.

Scene 2
Dev and Krisha are looking for Aarav everywhere in the city. Krisha asks him to check Aditi’s house. They come to her house but her family is gone. A neighbor tells them that Aditi’s family said she is getting married that’s why they left. Dev says I knew it, you knew about Aarav’s plan to run away with Aditi.

Krisha says I am telling you, he is in some trouble. Dev takes off Jaya’s sacred thread and says I don’t deserve it, I shouldn’t have trusted you and Aarav. Krisha makes him wear it again and says love doesn’t see status and wealth. Dev says it’s about my honor, it was my dream to become a king but I lost that chance by marrying you so I hoped that Aarav would fulfill my dream but he did the same mistake.

I think Jaya was right that I did a mistake by marrying a girl from a common background. Krisha is hurt hearing all that. Dev realizes what he has said and says I am sorry, listen to me. Krisha leaves from there. Jaya calls Dev and asks him to come back home. Dev sees Krisha gone.

Jaya talks to the lawyers, Dev comes there. The lawyer says Dev can’t become a king because he married a common girl so all this wealth will go to charity. Kach comes there and says Jaya has started plotting against my son, you want Dev to become a king because he is your follower, you will rule him over.

Dev asks him to shut up, he won’t let anyone insult Jaya Maa. Kach says that is nothing, he throws black ink at her face and says this is the real insuld. Kach shouts at Jaya you were brought into this house as a servant so you shouldn’t forget your status.

Dev grabs him and says I took your guarantee and brought you out of the jail, if you don’t apologize to her then I will send you back to jail. Kach says sorry and leaves from there. Krisha comes there and tries to go to Jaya but she says you are behind this insult, you have taken away all my happiness. She leaves from there.

Jaya comes to her room and says Kach did my work by insulting me, it would be easier to emotionally blackmail Dev, I will make him slowly start hating Krisha.

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Telecast Date:10th May 2022
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