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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 10th August 2022 Jaya lies down and starts screaming. Vamika calls everyone and says she fell down the stairs. Dev asks what happened?

Vamika says someone had thrown oil here deliberately. Raghav says someone must have targeted Jaya only, who would be against her like this? All turn to Krisha. Krisha says I didn’t do anything. Dev says I am doubtful. He takes Jaya from there.

Gaj tells Dev that Krisha is trying to attack the family. Ugra says why would she do that? Vamika says because she knows that Jaya can bring her real face out. Ugra tells Dev that if you call Jaya your mother then you have to control Krisha, she can seriously hurt her. Raghav says Krisha has gone crazy after getting the power.

Dev says I can’t snatch anything from her. Jaya tells Dev that if she is not your wife anymore then she won’t have this power. Ugra says Jaya is right, we don’t have a choice. Dev says I promised Krisha to never leave her.

Jaya says she also promised to never lie to you but she never fulfills it, we don’t feel safe with her being here, we will all leave soon if Krisha stays here. Dev says if this is the solution then I will divorce Krisha. All smirk.

Krisha is praying in the mandir, she prays to save her relationship with Dev. She turns to see him there, he asks her to come out, he needs to talk. Jays smirks.

Krisha sits with the family, Krisha asks Dev what he wants to talk about? Jaya says we all know you both are staying separately in this house. You both want different things in life so it’s better that you both get divorced, this is a forceful relationship so just end it. Krisha says I won’t sign the divorce papers.

Jaya says I knew you would say this so I am telling you that if we use law against you then your time will be wasted so just take some money and go away. Krisha says okay, I will sign the papers but I have a condition.

Jaya asks what amount do you want? Krisha says I don’t want anything, I just want to hear from Dev if he wants this divorce too. Dev says I think this is the right thing to do. Krisha is hurt and signs the divorce papers. Dev is about to sign the papers but Krisha faints so Dev rushes to her. All look on.

The doctor checks Krisha and tells Dev that he has to take care of Krisha, she is pregnant. Dev is surprised. Krisha and Dev smile at each other. Dev moves away and leaves from there. Krisha smiles.

Jaya tells the family that Krisha must have done all this to not sign the papers. Dev and Krisha come there. Jaya asks Dev to sign the papers. Dev says I can’t divorce Krisha. Ugra asks why? Dev says because I am taking this decision as a parent now, Krisha is pregnant. all are shocked. Dev says she is bearing my child so I can’t divorce her.

Virendra says I am going to be a grandfather? Rati hugs Krisha. Krisha tells Jaya that she is going to be a grandmother, aren’t you happy? Jaya hugs her and congratulations. Krisha thanks God for the gift.

Dev is leaving the house and calls out to Krisha but stops himself. Krisha comes there with his broach. She says I wish you could trust me, I still love you like before. She gives the broach to him. Dev asks her to go to her room and rest. Krisha is hurt and starts to leave. She sadly looks at his drinks and says I feel bad that you are drinking because of me. I am pregnant with your child so don’t you think you should be more responsible?

Dev says I will be the best father but I am not sure if I can be the husband that you want. This child will keep a connection between us but nothing will change between us. Krisha looks down. Dev says don’t feel sad. Krisha thinks I will make everything fine between us.

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Telecast Date:10th August 2022
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