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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 9th September 2021 Raashi enters her room and says it’s so big. Raashi gushes over everything. She turns on the AC and says this room is so good.

Gopi enters her room and her slippers makes the floor dirty so she cleans it. Gopi smiles looking around the lights. She says this room is so pretty. Gopi looks in the mirror and says it’s big enough for me to see myself fully.

Nikhila brings tea to her husband in his room. She sees Shaksham working in the porch. She goes to him and says you are working here at this time? Shaksham says I will just wrap my work. Nikhila says you see me putting tea in your father’s room every night and it angers you. Your mother separated from your father years ago, we live in separate rooms and it pains you for years. So I am sure, my Shaksham won’t give the same pain to his husband, he won’t let her stay in a different room for years. Shaksham says I should get going. Nikhila says we have to talk about it. A lot of the mother in laws bring illiterate daughter in laws so they can rule them. They want daughter in laws with less intelligence so they can order them around but I never thought that. That’s why I have brought a girl for you who is brave, educated. I am sure Gopi will walk with you every step of the life. Just give her a chance from heart. Shaksham looks on and nods. Nikhila hugs him and he goes from there.

Chiragh enters their room. He says I have to talk to you. Raashi asks him to sit down. Chiragh says I know this all happened in a hurry, you don’t even know me well. Raashi says I have no issue, everyone is nice here. Chiragh smiles and says because you are nice. I want to make everything easy for you. I don’t want you to feel pressurized that’s why I will sleep on the sofa. First, we will become friends then we will become husband and wife. Raashi thinks but I don’t need time.

Shaksham comes to his room. He gives the pillow to Gopi and asks her to go sleep on the mattress. I need to work late so go and sleep there. Gopi is hurt and sadly goes to a corner. Shaksham focuses on his work.

Scene 2
Nikhila wakes up and sees Gopi taking a hot water bucket to Raashi’s room. Nikhila asks what are you going? Gopi says Raashi needs hot water to take the bath daily. Nikhil asks if the geezer is not working? Gopi says geezer? Nikhila thinks they might now have it in their chawl. She says I am sorry, you are nice to worry about others but everyone has hot water all the time here. Gopi says I used to warm the water for everyone in the morning at my house. Nikhila says I like you caring attitude. Let’s come with me.

Nikhila brings Gopi to the mandir and asks her to light the diya. Gopi says but you always do it. Nikhila says but I want to give you this responsibility now. Gopi lights the diya. Nikhila says just do everything in this house with love. They hear an alarm going off. All look on.

Nikhila and Gopi come to Raashi’s room to see her sleeping on the bed and the alarm going off. Gopi tries to wake Raashi up but she murmurs to bring tea. Nikhila says enough, how dare you talk to her like this? Raashi turns off her alarm and says I am sorry. I slept late last night so I set up this alarm. Minal says she must be tired. Nikhila says Gopi got married as well. Raashi can’t act like this in her inlaws house. Nikhila asks everyone to come downstairs.

All family members gather in the lounge. Baa blesses the daughter in laws. Nikhila gives the necklace to Gopi and says today will be your greeting session with the media. She tells Gopi that I want you to welcome the media and introduce Raashi also. She gives her the speech note and says it’s in Gujrati so you have to translate it to English. Gopi is stunned.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopi asks Raashi to help her translating the speech in English but Raashi denies her. Gopi comes to Shaksham and thinks to take his help.

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Telecast Date:9th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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