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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 8th November 2021 Saksham says this is start of a new friendship and partnership. Aashi says I will see this guy’s face at all costs. Gopika takes him out. Aashi is hidden under the box. Gopika says I will go from here. Saksham says can I say one last thing? You did a lot for me. I will be very happy if I can do anything for you. Gopika says I will tell you on right time. She leaves.

Scene 2
Ramila says to Tejal clean the house. It’s pooja today. Tejal says I am Tejal Modi. I won’t do anything. I can’t even invite my friends here. You can’t even afford my maid here. Ramila says you didn’t bring anything here. No diwali gifts as well. She takes her food and says you won’t eat until you do everything a DIL does. Tejal says I will defame you on social media. Now go order pizza for me.

Gopika calls baa and says I couldn’t change. I am outside the house. Gopika sneaks it. Nikhila comes outside. Gopika is outside. She hides. A pot falls. Nikhila sees there. She finds Gopika’s scarf. Baa takes Gopika inside. Nikhila follows the steps. She says these steps are coming from outside. Gopika says to baa I am really worried. Nikhila comes to baa’s room. Nikhila says baa, what happened? She says nothing.

Gopika is in baa’s room. Nikhila says what are you doing here at this time? Gopika says she came to give my medicine. Nikhila says whose footsteps are these coming to your room and whose scarf is it? She asks Gopika and says say the truth. Gopika says maa ji.. this.. Baa says it’s mine. I asked Tejal to order. they are in fashion. I feel young. Nikhila says what? Baa says can’t it be mine? Can’t I do fashion? Your FIL gifted me a similar scarf. Nikhila says okay. She leaves.

Scene 3
Ramila says to Hitain you see what I do now.

Aashi comes to Nikhila and says I have to tell you something. Nikhila says you’re smelling so bad. Where are you coming from? Aashi says it’s such a big news. Gopika has an affair. Baa says to Gopika sometimes lies that save everyone are bigger than the truth. Aashi says Gopika went on a date with with a guy. You can ask Gopika. Nikhila asks Minal for the phone. Gopika says to Baa Saksham has such a good heart. He blindfolded himself so I am comfortable. Baa says that’s why I sent you there to see the other side of him.

Nikhila calls a mental assylum and says we need to admit someone. Aashi Chiragh Modi. Minal says what? Why are you booking her a place in mental assylum? What did she do? Nikhila says she has lost her mind. Nikhila says to Aashi never tell me self made story. Even if I don’t like someone, I don’t like lies. Never spread such false accusation. Go now.

Scene 4
Bell rings. Tejal’s friends come in. They are shocked. Ramila invited them. Ramila says sit, I will get water. Her friends say this house is so poor looking. Tejal says these are modest type people. They don’t show off much. They try to live humble. Ramila says Tejal come with me. Tejal goes with her. Ramila says I can go and tell them the truth. Tejal says don’t get me insulted. Ramila says what about you insulting me all the time. Clean the kitchen if you want me to not say anything.

Scene 5
Gopika collides with Saksham. He says you here? She says I am where you are. He says don’t say all these things to me. Don’t waste your time with me. You have to leave the house after Diwali. Gopika’s pallu gets stuck in his sleeve. Saksham comes in for pooja. Nikhila says pooja has started come. Saksham says there is a good news. We have got big orders. Our designs are approved. Nikhila says Gopika why are you standing like that. Saksham says one can never understand her. She’s coming after me. Stay away from me.


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Telecast Date:8th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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