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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 7th September 2021 Nikhila gifts heavy jewelry to Gopi. She gives only one necklace to Raashi. Her husband says don’t you think that this is unfair? Nikhila says Raashi is her elder sister but as per the marriage, Gopi is the elder daughter in law of this house she will get more respect and honor here. All nod. Raashi thinks Gopi was always my servant and now she will become queen of this house?

Baa hugs sons and daughter in laws. She says you both are beautiful. Gopi says you are beautiful also. Baa asks Shaksham to be happy, he wanted to get married to Gopi. The couples take blessings from everyone. Nikhila brings the couples to the mandir. She says Gopi is my elder daughter in law so she will do aarti now. Gopi thanks Kahna for always being with her. Sejal brings aarti on the iPad and asks Gopi to read the aarti from there. Gopi gets tensed as she can’t read aarti in English. Raashi thinks now she will be insulted and I will do the aarti. Suddenly Gopi starts reciting mantra and does aarti. Raashi is stunned and angry.

Ramila is looking at photos. Her husband says you are missing Gopi now? Ramila says we should give Gopi’s room on rent, we will get good money. He says this is Gopi’s room. Ramila says we will have to keep a servant now that Gopi is gone. He angrily leaves. Raashi calls Ramila and says this Nikhila is strict and she is giving too much footage to Gopi. Ramila says her truth will come out soon, they will know that Gopi is a fool and an illiterate then you can take over everything in the house.
Nikhila praises Gopi and says you did great aarti. You even recited what was not written in the iPad, how? Gopi says aarti is done from heart. I remember this bhajan by heart. Nikhila blesses her. Shaksham looks on. Sejal says let’s start the rituals. Nikhila asks where is Raashi? Gopi says she must be hungry. Nikhila says but she shouldn’t have left like this.

Raashi comes to the kitchen and shows it on video call to Ramila. Raashi says there is no food around. She finds a milk pot and starts drinking directly from it. Sejal comes there and screams that this milk was for the ritual and you drank it? All family members come there. Nikhila sees whole milk gone and says this is not a graceful attitude. You should have told me if you were hungry but you drank the milk like a cat. Sejal says how will we do the ritual now? Minal asks Nikhila to let her be, she must be hungry. Nikhila says we all are hungry and tired but we all took part in the aarti. She asks Raashi how will we do the ritual now? Shaksham says we can leave it. Nikhila says Gopi would want to do the ritual right? Gopi is scared and nods. Ramil whispers Raashi to have confidence. Raashi says I will go with the driver and get the milk. Chiragh says all shops must be closed. Nikhila says our Nandini can give milk. Raashi says I can get it from her.

Nikhila brings Raashi and others to the stable. She shows a cow to Raashi and says this is Nandina. You have to get milk from her. Minal says she can’t do that. Nikhila says Raashi wanted to get the milk so I am giving her a chance. She gives a bucket to Raashi and asks her to go. She gives another bucket to Gopi and says I am sure my choice won’t disappoint me. She will get the milk for sure. Gopi is scared. Baa says these are modern girls, they don’t know how to get milk from a cow. Nikhila says it’s not about the experience but if they have guts to take on challenges or not. She asks them both to go inside the stable. Nikhila takes everyone from there. Raashi and Gopi are tensed.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raashi and Gopi are scared of the cow. Raashi shouts that I am in this trouble because of you so you will get the milk. She locks Gopi in the stable with the cow. Later Nikhila and others enter the stable and are shocked.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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