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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 6th May 2022 Nikhila says I won’t let you risk your life. The kid says Gopika aunty is nice, don’t hit her much. She came to meet me in the morning. He tells her how she showed him her awards and medals. Gopika asked how is this photo so clean? He said mummy cleans our photos every day not her medals.

He said couldn’t mom do anything else? All my friends bully me my mom is a wrestler. Gopika said could Sachin Tendulkar be a pilot? He laughed and said no he would be basic, he’s best in cricket. Gopika said similarly your mom is the best in wrestling so that’s what she should do. She said your mom is famous, she got so many awards. You should rather be proud of her It hurts her when you’re rude.

You should be happy for her that will make her happy only. Gopika told him how her mom wasn’t there for 20 years to ask her how is she, let me take you to the hospital. Did you eat? You’re so lucky you have your mom. She works so hard for you to have a good life. He said thank you, aunty, you’re right. I have hurt my mom so much. I have made her sad. Gopika said you know what to do now.

He says Gopika aunty asked me not to tell you but you were breaking her phones.. Don’t hit her. She says how dare she enter my house and talk to my son. Saksham says to Gopika you won’t fight anymore. Komal comes to the ground with her son. She makes him. She comes to the ground and says let’s start the game.

Munna says Gopika won’t play anymore. Komal says who are you? Gopika says I am ready to fight. Munna says are you sure? She says yes. Komal says you came to meet my son? I won’t leave you now. The fight starts. Komal holds Gopika. Gopika is fainting. She can’t fight. Komal holds her. She shoves Gopika and falls herself first.

The referee says our winner is Gopika. Gopika is shocked. She looks at Komal. The commentator says women can do anything. Everyone is shocked. Gopika is confused. Everyone hugs Gopika and hugs her. She says will get you out. We did it. Saksham says you did it. Inspector takes Saksham back.

Komal leaves with her son. Nikhila says Gopika let’s go home. Gopika says one minute. In the dressing room Komal’s son cleans her face. Gopika comes. He says hi aunty, he hugs her. Gopika sits with Komal and says you lost is by choice right? Why? You made me win. Komal says today I won.

You fixed my relationship with my son. How could I let your family break? Gopika says you lost. People will taunt. She says they always do anyway. I am happy being defeated by you. We women can do anything for our families. Gopika says I should go. Komal hugs her. She says you can call me Komal ben now. It feels good. Gopika says take care. She asks her son to hug her. She leaves.

Scene 2
Gopika comes to the police station to get Saksham’s bail done. Everyone applauds her. Saksham comes out. They celebrate. Gopika brings Saksham home. Nikhila does their arti. She says our Ram and Sita are back. It all happened because of Gopika. Welcome home. Aashi says what about the auction?

Gopika says that’s also stopped for sometime.
Munna breaks things in anger. Sumatra says what are you doing? Stop it. He shoots different things. Jigar says did the wrestler beat him? Sumatra stops Munna. She says no please, calm down. He says my love came in my revenge. I don’t know if I should be angry or happy. My dad’s murderer is out. My sister isn’t with me. They must all be very happy.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sumatra calls Gopika and asks is Munna there? She says what happened? Sumatra says he left in anger, he can harm Nikhila. Some goons come in front of Nikhila.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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