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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 4th May 2022 Mithila worries about Gopika’s whereabouts and Chirag tells Munna may have done something. They all get shocked seeing an injured Gopika. Ashi gives her water. They all questions what happened to her.

Gopika tells that it happened because of Komal. She went to apologises to Komal but she misunderstood. Mithila tells it’s not right. Gopika tells that she have to ignore this and focus on her practice to compete against Komal. Ashi reminds her that she get hurt already. Gopika tells that she submitted the form so she won’t back away from this competition.

Mithila tries to make her understand but Gopika refuses to listen. Mithila questions at this short time period how could she able to learn to defeat an experienced Komal. Gopika tells there is one person who can help her. Mithila asks who.

In Modi house Subhadra scolds Munna for letting go Gopika. Munna defends himself then says that due to the promise he made to Gopika he can’t able to stop her from participating in the competition at the same time he dont know how to help Gopika.

Gopika comes there and says she want him to help her to stand against Komal for ten minutes. Subhadra and Munna worries seeing an injured Gopika and questions who did this. Gopika tells it’s not important and then says its Komal who did this to her.

Munna gets furious and goes to leave but Gopika stops him and tells that this not the values their mother taught them and asks him to help her. Subhadra tells why she is so stubborn. She may be upset with her but she need to apply ointment for her injury first and takes her to the couch where she applies ointment on Gopika and asks how is she feeling now.

Gopika tells after getting treated by her mother she feels good and says that the more important thing is that she want Munna to train her and asks Munna will he help her. Munna says even after all this if she still wants to then he will support her and help her which makes Gopika happy.

Gopika and Munna faces each other. Munna asks whether she practiced what he taught her. Gopika says yes and Munna asks her to show it to him. Gopika struggles with Munna. Munna tells Gopika but the time she took to pull him down Komal uses that time to defeat her easily so asks her do she know any weakness of Komal.

Gopika recalls Komal’s imbalance so she tells him the same so Munna teaches her to fool Komal and defeat her. Gopika and Munna practices. But each time Gopika misses to pull down Munna.

Finally Gopika recalls everything that Komal did and pull down Munna. Subhadra and Munna gets happy. The next day in the ground the audience cheers for Komal. Subhadra and Munna sees the Modi’s are also in the ground.

Subhadra glares at them and tells because of the Modi’s Gopika is in this state and asks him to stop the match the moment they feel the situation is out of control and her life is in danger. Munna assures Subhadra to not to worry saying he will stop the match if anything such happens but he is sure Gopika will handle Komal well.

The announcer makes an announcement that in the last few years no one dared to come forward to compete against Komal kumari as they know they have to put their life in danger if they agrees to compete against Komal. Also those who comes to compete also get injured but now one person agrees to compete against Komal.

Saksham calls out the cops and asks them to let him go and stop his wife whose life is in danger. One of the constable scold Saksham. The inspector also refuses to Saksham’s plea. Saksham gets upset. The announcer calls Komal and the audience cheers her up. He then calls Gopika whem she enters the audience starts taunting her. The referee says there will be three rounds and the one who wins two rounds will be a winner.

The first round starts. Gopika runs here and there to waste more time. Munna tells Subhadra that Gopika is doing a right thing. Komal taunts Gopika and asks her to stop running here and there and wrestle with her. Komal catches Gopika.

Gopika struggles to keep up with Komal. Chirag and Ashi reminds Gopika their practices using the clothes and vegetables. Munna gets confused and asks what they are saying. Gopika tries to pull down Komal but fails. Komal lifts Gopika in the air and throws her away. The family members gets shocked. Komal stops Gopika from falling out of the finishing line.

Chirag tells Ashi that Komal is doing this deliberately so that she will get more time to hurt Gopika. They all looks worried. Komal held Gopika. Gopika gets hurt. Mithila tells that Komal is hurting Gopika. Komal throws Gopika to the ground few times. She then lifts her up and throws her out of the finishing line.

The announcer says that Komal won the first round. Both Modi’s and Doshi’s rushes to Gopika. With the help of Munna and Chirag Gopika sits on the nearby bench. Gopika looks upset hearing the announcers words. The family members looks worried.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Komal held Gopika’s hip with so much force. Gopika gets hurt and struggles to get rid of her. Mithila tells that Komal is going personal on Gopika. Komal lifts Gopika in the air. Munna asks Gopika to tap like how he told her. Gopika struggles to do it. Saksham comes to the ground calling Gopika’s name followed by the cops. He gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:4th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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