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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 3rd January 2022 Priya says this video is empty and it’s only eating memory of your phone. Gopika sees the video. The guy is misbehaving with a girl. The girl comes out. The manager says to her if you wanna work here stay silent. Gopika comes and slaps him. He says what happened madam? Everyone comes. Gopika asks the girl would you tell? The girl is scared.

Gopika says don’t be scared of him. He harrassed you right? He would do this to another woman. The woman nods. Gopika says see how I slapped him. You also slap him the same way so he never does it again to another woman. The girl slaps him. Another woman says he keeps harrassing us. He misbehaves. Gopika says whoever has he harrassed, slap him. Don’t be scared of him. the women come to him. He says move away. I will fire you all, I am the manger.

Saksham comes and says what’s happening here? Gopika? The manager says your wife has a problem with me. She’s falseley accusing me. Gopika shows the video to Saksham. He sees the video. Saksham gets angry. He slaps the guy himself. Saksham says you all have the right to slap him. He says once they’re done, call the police and get him arrested. The women beat him up. Guards get him arrested.

Scene 2
Aashi says Gopika make good tea for me. Nikhila is there. Aashi says sorry I thought you’re Gopika. Nikhila says are you the eldest DIL of this house? You should rather help GOpika instead of ordering her around. Chiragh comes and says where is Gopika? Nikhila says she’s gone to office. Chiragh says she is amazing.

Learn something from Aashi. Aashi says she doesn’t know office things. Nikhila says she will learn, she’s not lazy like you. Chiragh says she makes us all proud. Nikhila says since Gopika will go to office you will handle the kitchen. Chiragh says tea for me. Nikhila says me too.

Scene 3
Saksham says why didn’t you all complain to me if he was misbehaving with you? The girl says we were scared of being fired. Gopika supported us and we had the strength to speak up. Priya says in heart she got the video because of me and now she’s getting appreciated. Saksham says it’s my mistake. I should’ve known it. I will make a committee to deal with harrssment. And Gopika will be the head of it. If anything like this happens again, go and talk to Gopika. Gopika says let’s get back to the work.

Priya says to Saksham whatever happened wasn’t good. We have to hire the new manager. Talk to HR. Saksham says we need a new manager everyone. I can promote one of you. There’s one person who is the best for this position. That person is.. Priya smiles. Sakshma says Mrs. Gopika Saksham Modi. Gopika says me?

Everyone claps. Priya says but how can she handle it? She’s not even MBA. Saksham says we had an MBA and see what he did. You don’t need a degree to manage. See how well she’s managing. Everyone is so productive around her. He asks Gopika will you accept this position? Gopika says I need a cabin next to yours. Saksham saus sure. Everyone claps.

Scene 4
Saksham asks Priya why are you upset? She says people outside think I am characterless. They are questioning me. Saksham says I will talk to the media and clear your name. Saksham leaves. She says he didn’t even hug me. She goes after him. Saksham is booking a candle light dinner. He says with a friend. Priya says he’s arranging a dinner date for me? Priya says I am so happy.

Priya gets ready at ngiht. Gopika gets ready. Priya says I will be there with Saksham on the date. GOpika says tonight will be very special Saksham ji. Nikhila sees Keshap coming to the kitchen. She says you with a plate at this time? He says nothing. Nikhila says you are coming from here? Your room is there.

Nikhila says there was noise. I asked him to check. Nikhila says what is it? Keshap says it was a mouse. It can come anywhere. Nikhila says so does sweat. He says I had soup. Nikhila says in the plate? Minal says the bowl is in the room. She says good night. Nikhila says something is wrong.

Keshap says to Minal the way she was questioning she can find out. Minal says she will try to investigate. Keshap says we can’t let that secret out. We kept it for 20 years or you know what would happen. Minal says there will be a storm in Saksham and Gopika’s life.

Scene 5
Priya comes to the venue and says Saksham did all this for me? The manager says welcome Gopika madam. She says I am Priya. He says Saksham gave the name Gopika. She says it must be a misunderstanding. It’s all for me. Saksham says Priya? What are you doing here? Where is Gopika? Priya says I heard you talking on call arranging dinner for a friend so I thought..

Saksham says Gopika has changed a lot in this time. She made me realize today that I have to know her as a friend with all my heart. I want to go through that entire process of being a friend, have a bond, date and make this marraige stronger. Priya says I am your friend. How can you replace me? She hugs him and says you can’t do this to me. Gopika comes there. Priya says I love you Saksham.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Priya says I did so much for you. I became Radhika. Gopika says what? She is using Radhika’s name? I’ve to tell everyone the truth. Gopika says to Saksham you’ve time till 2 tomorrow. Leave this house. Priya says if you can’t kick me out then you leave the house. Gopika says challenge accepted.

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Telecast Date:3rd January 2022
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