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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 31st August 2021 Nikhila smiles looking at Gopi’s photo frame for Shaksham, she thinks I new this girl was right for my son. Shaksham thinks this girl is not right for me. He goes from there and breaks the photo frame in anger. Gopi wakes up and sees the whole family around here. Shaksham comes there and glares at her. Gopi looks on. Ramila tries to talk to Minal about Chiragh but she says we will talk later on. Nikhila asks Gopi to pray to God before leaving.
Gopi comes to the mandir and says I am lucky to get a life partner like Shaksham. He is very nice. She writes a letter to Shaksham which says that he is qualified but she is not even educated, I don’t know how to drive or anything. If you don’t want to marry me then I wouldn’t mind. She asks the servant to give the letter to Shaksham. The servant leaves the letter in his room when he is not there. It falls away. Gopi starts leaving the house and sees her photo frame broken in a corner. She thinks Shaksham broke it? Minal sends her off. Ramila tells her to call her. She says yes.

Gopi is in her room and recalls her broken photo frame. Her uncle comes there and asks what happened? Gopi says I was wrong to think that Shaksham would love me, he would like me to drive a car, to talk in English but I can’t do all that’s why he broke my painting. Uncle says don’t worry, it might have fallen from his hands, he is lucky to marry you.

Raashi dances with Ramila and says our work is done. Ramila says now Minal will call us to ask for Chiragh’s marriage with you.

Scene 2
In the morning, Nikhila asks Shaksham what happened? Why do you look stressed? Shaksham says Gopi and I are different then how will be married? Nikhila says you both can understand each other to make it work. Promise me that you will give a chance to this marriage? Shaksham reluctantly promises her. Nikhila smiles and leaves. Shaksham says I can’t break her promise but I will tell everything to Gopi then it’s on her if she wants to marry or not.

Gopi looks at her bridal dress sadly. Shaksham video calls Gopi and says I have to talk to you. She says what? Ramila takes her phone and says you can’t talk to her before marriage, I know you like her. Shaksham ends the call. Gopi is worried.

Shaksham says how to tell her all this? I don’t have much time. He messages her. Gopi receives it but can’t read as it’s in English. She goes to Raashi and asks her to read it.

Minal calls Ramila and says I liked your idea of getting both brothers married together. You do know the girl right? She shows her Diksha and says she will be Chiragh’s bride. Thank you for giving the idea. We are doing their engagement right now.

Raashi reads Shaksham’s message which says that they are different people, we can’t stand together, I have some conditions and I think we need to break up so if you care about everyone’s happiness then don’t come for the marriage. Gopi can’t understand as it’s in English. Ramila screams for Raashi and she goes to her. Ramila tells Raashi that Chiragh is getting married to Diksha.

Gopi thinks if Shaksham wants to break relationship with me? No one will marry me, I don’t deserve anyone.

Ramila tells Raashi that he just got engaged but we still have time. Raashi says Shaksham has broken it with Gopi also. There is nothing left to be done.

Gopi comes to her room and looks at the saree that Shaksham chose for her. She cries recalling their moments together. Ramila and Raashi come there. Ramila says you should get good clothes for your marriage. Gopi says this is my life, I can’t dream of marriage, you can give all gifts back to them, Shaksham won’t marry me. Ramila says Raashi was fooling you. She asks Raashi to read the correct message now. Raashi lies saying that Shaksham wrote that we are different people but we have same dreams, he was wrong to go against his mom. Gopi says but he used the word ‘break’. Raashi says is praising your hair, he wants you to come to the mandap all dressed up. Gopi says really? I will get ready just like Shaksham wants me to be.

Shaksham is worried that Gopi hasn’t replied. I hope she doesn’t show up at the alter.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Shaksham video calls Gopi and she is at the parlor. He asks if she read his message? She says yes. He asks if she will do as he said? She says yes thinking he is asking about her appearance for the marriage. Later Shaksham thinks Gopi won’t show up at the mandir but he is stunned to see her coming there.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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