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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 30th December 2021 Saksham says let’s go driver. He sees Gopika. He says Gopika you? I am already late. Gopika says I will take you there on time. He says can you drive? She says yes Chiraghh taught me. Saksham says it’s risky. Nikhila says you’ve to trust her. chiragh says she drives very well.

Gopika says when you are with me my confidence is double. GOpika starts driving. Saksham gets out of the car. Nikhila says don’t worry sit in the car. He says I came out because she’s not a driver, she’s the wife. I will sit next to her while she drives. Saksham sits next to Gopika and says let’s go.

Gopika and Saksham are on the way. Saksham says you didn’t tell me you’ve learned driving? She says I wanted to surprise you. Saksham says how do you like? Gopika says I feel very good and self sufficient like I can go anywhere. Saksham says you learned too quickly. You’re too talented. Gopika says had talent and got confidence from you. The song rataan lambiya plays. Gopika stops the car.

Police has checking. Gopika says I don’t have the license. He says I can show mine and tell them I am teaching you. Gopika says I forgot your license at home. He says oh god. Now do as I say. He says start fighting if they ask.

The policeman asks for license. Gopika and Saksham start fighting. Gopika says he always fights with me. He didn’t take me to my chacha’s aunt’s house. He thinks he’s always right. You tell who’s right. The warden says go from here. Gopika goes from there. THey laugh. Gopika says I was scared.

Scene 2
Priya says I will always be in office with Gopika Saksham. You will only stay home. Gopika drops Saksham outside. Saksham says come with me in office. Priya waits for saksham. She looks out. Saksham comes.

She walks to him. Gopika comes as well. Priya is shocked. Priya says you got the cook with lunch too? saksham says no it’s her office. Saksham tells the manager. He says she’s my wife and my second in command after me. She will handle the office. Priya says what will she do here? Saksham says what I do. Manage. Saksham says get her cabin ready. Gopika says I will love to work with everyone. She asks Priya to show her around.

Scene 3
Ramila is worried. Tejal comes home. He says oh you’re here. We took your photo before making the deal. Tejal says it’s a big deal. When can we shoot? He says I will shoot if I don’t get what I want. Tejal says let me get ready. They say we will come tomorrow for shooting. Ramila is scared.

Scene 3
Priya says this is kitchen, where you must have spent all your life. Gopika says you are so bitter. Anyway you’re leaving. I got a farewell gift for you. She opens it. It’s an album of guys. Gopika says many guys, you can choose any from them. She shows her dating app. gopika says you will like any guy there, don’t fall for other women’s man. Priya says you think you can kick me out of Saksham’s life? Gopika says I will. Priya I will show you on time. Gopika says you don’t have time life. You will be kicked out of this house.

Saksham comes and says what’s serious discussion is going on? Gopika says nothing. She showed me around. Saksham says I am going for a meeting. Gopika says should I come too? Saksham says you can go the next time. Gopika says all the best. He leaves. Priya goes with him too.

Scene 4
Priya is leaving. Everyone says bye to her. Nikhila says call before coming the next time. Gopika says you will keep meeting Saksham in office you don’t need to say bye to him. Priya says to Gopika I will come back to your house soon. She counts 3.. 2.. 1.

A protest starts against Saksham. Everyone is shocked. Nikhila says what is this? Women say we will hit Saksham. He’s used this girl. gopika don’t care to throw tomatoes at him. This is innocent people’s house. A man says do innocent people trap their female friends and have affairs? They show videos of Saksham with Priya. They say we will blacken his face.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Saksham says enough. Don’t say a word against Priya. He says Priya tell them the truth. She’s silent.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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