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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 30th August 2021 Gopika recalls how Ramila told Raashi that she can make a guy like her if she thinks about him and shows it to him. Gopi smiles to herself.

Ramila is waiting for Gopi so they can leave for the engagement. She calls Gopi and asks where are you? Gopi says I am in the market. Ramila scolds her and says we can’t be late, we are leaving and you have to come yourself. She ends the call. Ramila tells Raashi that it’s good if Gopi doesn’t interact with Saksham’s family. They sit in the car and drive away.

Ramila’s family comes to the engagement venue. Nikhila asks where is Gopi? Ramila says she is still getting ready, she is not naturally beautiful like Raashi. Nikhila says Raashi’s makeup is dripping. Shaksham comes there so Nikhila says he will go and pick Gopi, they will get to spend time together. Ramila is tensed and says okay. Shaksham nods and leaves.

Gopi is in the market and buying photo frames. Shaksham arrives there, she smiles at him and greets him. Shaksham says sit in the car. Gopi says nice to meet you, I didn’t answer you earlier. Gopi sits in his car.

Shaksham says people still use photo frames? We can save photos in the cloud now. Gopi is confused and looks at the clouds in the sky.

Ramila is trying to call Gopi but her phone is off. Nikhila tells Ramila that you should have managed the time for her parlor. Ramila says she is a spoiled girl and doesn’t listen much. Nikhila says if you talk sense then why wouldn’t she?

The event starts and all are dancing. A girl Diksha enters there and Chiragh greets her. Raashi is angry seeing them together.

Shaksham and Gopi are in the car. He gets a call and asks her to use his iPad to call them. Gopi is confused. Shaksham says you can drive so I can take the call. Gopi is tensed.

Nikhila introduces Diksha to Ramila and says she is Chiragh’s childhood friend. Nikhila says I never asked about Gopi’s education. Ramila thinks I can’t tell her that Gopi didn’t get professional education. Ramila runs to dance.

Gopi sits on the driving side. Shaksham says let’s go, we are getting late.

Ramila dances with Raashi and says don’t worry, he will marry you soon. Ramila tells Rani that if Raashi gets married in this house also then I will be happy. Nikhila asks her to stop dreaming.

Gopi is in the car and is tensed. Shaksham asks her to start driving, you don’t have a license. She says no. Shaksham says sorry, why would you carry your license like this. He takes the driving seat and starts driving. Gopi thinks he knows everything.

Nikhila is worried but Shaksham-Gopi arrive at the venue. Gopi thinks how will be his partner when I don’t know anything? I have to tell him. Nikhila comes there and praises Gopi. She says the guests are waiting. Shaksham goes inside. Nikhila takes Gopi inside the venue. Everyone claps for the couple. Sejal brings their rings. Gopi is tensed as Shaksham is about to make her wear the ring. He makes her wear the ring and all clap for them. Gopi takes Shaksham’s ring and makes him wear it. Ramila tells Raashi that she will be married soon also.
Rani talks to Ramila and says I got an idea. You were talking about Chiragh’s marriage. Sejal says the couple will do dandiya now. Gopi and Shaksham come on the stage. Gopi feels self-conscious. Shaksham says we have to play now. Gopi is stressed and faints. Shaksham and others rush to her.

The doctor checks Gopi and says she fainted because of weakness. Sejal finds Gopi’s gift for Shaksham. He opens it to find a photo frame. It shows a family. Shaksham thinks Gopi and I have different thought process.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shaksham thinks to talk to Gopi. Nikhila asks him to promise he will give a chance to their marriage. Shaksham messages Gopi. Raashi reads it to Gopi and says he wants to see you

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Telecast Date:30th August 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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