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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 29th November 2021 Gopika and Saksham stops a car for life. Priya comes out and says yes, you can have the lift. She punctured his car. Saksham says what are you doing here? She says I punctured your car and came here. Gopika says you could tell us. She says it was sarcasm. I was going for a meeting. Come sit in the car. Saksham says let’s go Gopika. Gopika says let me get my bag.

Priya opens back door for her and Saksham sits with her. Priya says why are you both silent? Don’t you husband and wife talk to each other? Or awkward in front of me? Where did you both find each other? After college? Saksham says maa found her. Priya says arranged marriage? You were so adventurous. saksham says we are trying to understand each other.

Scene 2
Hitain says to Tejal do the pooja. Tejal says why did your mom ask me to sit with the purse? Ramila says it’s Kuldevi’s pooja. Tejal says it’s done in the temple. Ramila says this house is a temple. If you leave the pooja, you can fall sick. Ramila puts something in the fire. The smoke makes Tejal cough. Ramila says now you see how I get my money back.

Scene 3
Priya asks where did you both go for honeymoon? Saksham says our destination is here. Saksham says thanks Priya. Priya says let’s go. Saksham says what? She says I will also do pooja. Nikhila sees her. Nikhila says this pooja is for your husband and wife. What’s your friend doing here? Saksham says our car broke.

She was driving past. She gave us the lift. She came here so she thought she should do pooja. Priya says nice saree aunty. Where did you get it from? Nikhila says I am talking about pooja. You can go and pray but this pooja is for married couples only. You can’t come in there. You have to stand far from there. Priya says I respect customs a lot. Nikhila says sit in the pooja.

Gopika keeps her bag outside the temple. Priya looks at them. they sit in the mandap. Priya says time to steal that file. Panditji asks Gopika to put her hand in Saksham’s hand. Priya hides her face and steals Gopika’s bag. Nikhila sees her. She stops her. Priya runs. Nikhila sees ehr shoes and realizes those are Priya’s.

Scene 4
Tejal coughs and says when will this end? Tejal says I am coughing. Ramila says my son is also there. Tejal says I can’t take this anymore. she drops her bag. Money falls. Ramila picks it all. Tejal runs out of the room.

Priya hides outside the car. She says this old woman is playing detective with me. Nikhila says that thief’s sandals were Priya’s. Nikhila says how can that me? Why would she steal our stuff? It must be someone else. She leaves. Priya comes out. She says thank God. Gopika and Saksham do the pooja.

Saksham says in heart I wanted not to be like my dad. That’s why I gave this marriage another chance. gopika says I hope we can fix our relationship. I will give it my best. Saksham says in heart I am ready to give it a chance. Gopika says I hope I don’t give Saksham a chance to complain. Saksham says I hope I can fulfill my promise to Gopika and not ashame myself. Gopika says this is a new start. There’s no room for past. Not even Radhika. Pandit ji asks them to put the flowers in the fire.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopika says for the new beginning I have to end Radhika’s identity Gopika throws them off the cliff. Saksham comes and says you are Radhika?

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Telecast Date:29th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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