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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 29th December 2021 Priya says I will spend special moments with Saksham and you won’t be able to do anything. Gopika says time will tell. Gopika asks Chiragh she wants to learn slangs in English. He laughs and says what? Saksham will kick me out. GOpika says if someone uses it on me I should know.

Chiragh says how can I say it to you? She says wrtie then. Priya brings green tea for Saksham. He says thank. she says welcome. Gopika comes. She says I got your tea in tea cup. He says tea pot. Gopika says it a few days I will be okay. Priya says this will be wasted. I already got tea. Saksham says take the one Priya made. I like GOpika’s tea. Priya gets upset.

Priya says we are working so please excuse us. Gopika says to Saksham can I help you with office work? Priya says who will handle the house then? Saksahm says it’s your business. You can do what you want. He goes out. Priya says you want to teach me now? Gopika says no kick you out of Saksham’s life.

You bimbo. Saksham says who Bimbo? Gopika says I was telling her my old story. My friend also came to my place and then she wasn’t leaving at all so I was telling her how I kicked her out. Saksham says we will talk in detail which department you can manage. Priya stands close to Saksham to work.

Scene 2
Gopika rings bell in the temple. Priya says it’s fun to spend time with Saksham. Everyone asks Gopika why are you ringing the bell? She says calming the devil. Gopika picks the arti. She moves to Priya. Priya gets scared. Everyone says what are you doing Gopika? Priya says you will kill me stop please. Priya rushes out. Gopika says you will burn in hell. No one can save you now. She comes close to him. Mama ji stand up. Everyone is shocked.

Gopika says miracle, mama ji stood on his feet. The devil is actually gone. See Priya.. Nikhila takes the arti from Gopika. She says to mama ji don’t hide. Come out. She asks what is all this? Mama ji says miracle. My legs healed. Minal says what a miracle. Chiragh says this is Gopika’s miracle. She’s amazing.

Gopika says the method might be weird but I had to do it to fix it. He was in trauma so he had to be treated with trauam. See he’s on his feet now. Right uncle? Saksham says amazing Gopika. Gopika says to Priya are you not happy? Priya says I am very happy. I am just shocked. You’ve done a big favor on us. Gopika says you must be very happy. You can go home now. He says this feels like home to us. Nikhila says keep visiting but the rest you get in your own home is umatched. You both should go to your place. Saksahm says driver will drop you.

Priya says I won’t go. Nikhila says what’s the problem now? She says it’s our important meeting today. Saksham says you can go after the meeting. Gopika says few more hours only.

Scene 3
A man comes to Ramila and says Ramila aunty.. He shows her the 2 lacs remaining interest. She says how can it be so much? He says we decide it. Ramila says you fooled me. They say give it to us or we will cut your DIL’s hair. Ramila says she’s gone to her parents. They’re big people don’t mess with her. He says we know she’s gone to market.

Priya says to mama you ruined my plan. I will do the last attack on Gopika. Aashi comes to Priya and says you’re going now? Or do you have any plan? You tried to kill me with that fan too. Priya says yeah your head open and everyone would know you have no brain. Aashi says you’re leaving the house anyway. Priya says if I get exposed, I will expose you too. aashi says I have a plan. Please don’t take my name. Priya says beg me. Priya ties mama ji.

Scene 4
Saksham says to Nikhila I have an important meeting and driver isn’t here. Chiragh says don’t worry I’ve arranged your driver. Saksham says thank you. He sits in the car and says let’s god driver. It’s Gopika. She looks at Saksham. She says can’t girls drive? He says Gopika you?


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :People protest against Saksham outside the house. Gopika says get out of this house we are innocent people. A man says do innocent people have affairs with their own friends?

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Telecast Date:29th December 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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