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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th May 2022 Kesari says papa is very nice. She gives Gopika’s hand in saksham’s hand. Saksham dances with Gopika. Gopika smiles. Saksham says I am sorry.

Ramila and Tejal are worried if Hitain would register them. Dolly a woman comes in and says you are both selected in the competition. Ramila says have tea. She says I will stay at your place to know if you both are good to each other.

Rajo cries and says I want to die. Kesari asks why is she crying? A woman comes in and says because she knows who your real dad is. Munna says Jalebi.. She says see Munna you didn’t change.. Rajo says get out of here. Jalebi says you’re still with Munna? I am here to take my Kesari and her dad. Kesari says but you are..

Jalebi hugs her and says I had to get you your right. I had to make your dad accept you. Rajo says I don’t want to be alive. Rajo goes to her room in anger. They all run upstairs. Jalebi says to Kesari I am your mom not you golden egg hen.

Kesari says Munna what is all this. Who is this Jalebi. Kesari says my mummy won’t leave you. Jalebi says your mom left you here. I will get money from Munna. Her mom says in her device she’s a bad aunty. I told you what to do with bad people. Kesari bites her hand and runs. Jalebi runs after her.

Everyone breaks the door and comes in. Munna picks Rajo. He says I will teach that jalebi a lesson. She’s lying. They go downstairs. Jalebi isn’t there and so isn’t Kesari. Saksham looks for them. Gopika says where’s Kesari. Who stole all these things? Kesari’s mom calls Saksham.. She says Jalebi isn’t Kesari’s mom.

She kidnapped my daughter. If anything happens to Kesari I won’t leave any of you. Find her or.. she hangs up. Gopika asks Munna to call Jalebi. Munna calls her. He says her number is off. Rajo says we got done. Not our problem. Gopika says she’s a child. Nikhila says she’s kidnapped from our house. Munna says I know where Jalebi must have gone. She will call for money.

Scene 2
Jalbi locks Kesari in a room. Kesari’s mom says don’t panic, you’ve to get out of here. Jalebi says I will get money from them now. Kesari shoves and ties her. She tries to run outside. Jalebi’s goons come and pick her. Jalebi says keep her here. I will call that Munna. The goon says we can kill you too.

Kesari cries. Gopika is worried for Kesari. Saksham picks her doll. He says I miss her teasing us. Gopika says that’s how kids make their place in our heart. He says let me call the police. Gopika says we should wait for Jalebis’ call. They leave. Kesari says to her mom they will kill me. She says it’s dark.

There’s only a door. Her mom says do you hear anything? She says there’s a temple outside. Kesari’s mom calls Saksham and says Kesari is near a temple. Jalebi calls Munna and says give me money or you know what can I do to her. Chiragh says will she leave Kesari then? They all go out to look for her.

Saksham and Gopika come outside the place where Kesari is. Saksham comes dressed as a goon and says I am Jalebi’s man. We will take money from jalebi. Shake hands with me. She’s doing all this for herself. They say okay let’s kidnap the girl. They come in. Kesari is there. Kesari says papa..

He whispers pretend I am a good. Kesari says my papa wont’ leave you. Saksham picks Kesari. The goons say call jalebi first. He calls on Gopika’s number she says in jalebi’s voice I am doing all this for my munna. Saksham comes out. Jalebi comes and says where are you taking her.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 28th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saksham fights with jalebi and her goons. Gopika and Saksham find the device in jalebi’s ear.

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Telecast Date:27th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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