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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th December 2021 Priya says Gopika’s game will be over today. Uncle says what if the fan kills someone? She says it can injure only. He says I won’t go to the hall. Gopika comes there. She says Priya..

I know you both don’t wanna go downstairs. Priya says what? Gopika says we are all downstairs celebrating and you both wanna be here? You are part of our family. Gopika says let’s go.They go downstairs.

Everyone comes to the hall. Chiragh says game night. Whoever gets the song on the chit, they will perform in. Priya and uncle come. Priya asys come fast. Gopika makes them sit near the fan. Saksham recalls the night when Gopika was drunk.

Aashi says let’s start from mummy and papa. They see the song. They perform on aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charchay. Uncle says what if the fan falls when we are under it. Priya says it will fall when it’s fast. Keshap asks servant to turn the fan full. Priya goes on side. Chiragh says what happened? She says I feel cold.

Nikhila is next. She perfroms the dialogue. Gopika says to Saksham what kiss did you say? He says kis in hindi. Did you mean the english one? Priya says please turn the fan full. Gopika says but you were cold. She says everyone must be feeling hold. Chiragh and Aashi are next. They roleplay as each other. Chiragh says I want to be the prettiest in dream too. Aashi snorts and sleeps pretending to be Chiragh.

The fan falls. Saksham screams. He moves Keshap. Everyone is scared. Minal slaps Gopika. She says it happened because of you. You cleaned the fan right? Priya smiles. Uncle says why are you smiling? She says Gopika got slapped. He says you are dreaming. Everyone is enjoying.

Saksham shows his cheek to Gopika and says what’s there? She says you rememeber everything? He says yeah I was teasing you. Like you were with something something.. Chiragh coughs. He shows them their performance. Chiragh says Gopika has to act a song and Saksham has to guess it. The movie is I love you. Gopika says there’s no such film. Chiragh says there is. Gopika tries to act. Saksham guesses I love you. Aashi says we did the best. Nikhila says we all won. Priya wonders why didn’t the fan fall.

Scene 2
Priya says how did it not fall? It made it lose myself. Gopika and Saksham are coming closer. Gopika comes to Priya and says you look worried? Did something go wrong? Priya says nothing. Gopika says you are standing on wrong spot. Priya sees a cross under her feet. She says what’s this? Gopika says cross.

Gopika pulls her and the fan falls. Priya gets scared. Gopika says I told you this is a wrong place. what you wanted to do with my family happened with you but I saved you. This is the last time. The next time it would fall on your head. Priya is shocked. Priya says you kenw? Gopika says yes. She saw her losing the fan. Gopika says I fixed that fan but did the same with your fan.

Gopika says now I see everything clearly. You hurt maa ji, the spray and everything. I know your plans very well now. Stay away from this family and me. If you try to hurt anyone you will see Chandika not Gopika. Are you shocked? Priya says what? We are sisters. I care about you. Gopika says I will pray no one gets a sister like you. Priya says what are you saying. Gopika says I’ve seen your real face.

Everyone will know about it. Priya says please don’t tell anyone anything. I am very sorry. Priya laughs. She says you thought I would beg you? Who are you in front of me? Gopika says the one who saw your real face. Priya says hould I give you a medal? You can’t keep Saksham happy. You’re not made for him. I am here to remind you my worth and get Saksham from you.

Scene 3
Saksham decorates the room with blue color because it’s her favorite. Priya says you are 8th standard fail and Saksham is double masters. It’s not possible for him to live with you. Gopika says shut up. Gopika says I passed the 8th standard and I know how to protect my marriage. Friendship lasts till friends stay in their limit. If you cross your limit I will kick you out of this house and Saksham’s life.

Priya says I am very scared. I should hide. She laughs. Priya says you think they’d trust you? Saksham is looking for Gopika. Gopika says they would not trust me but they would trust you. I’ve recorded everything. Priya is shocked. Gopika says hide now.

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Telecast Date:27th December 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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