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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th May 2022 Kesari cleans the floor. Her mom says papa will be very happy if you clean the floor and work hard. Inspector asks who is she? Saksham says we didn’t like her to do it. Inspector asks her who is she?

He says is someone forcing you to clean it? Kesari says I am doing it with my will like my own house. Inspector says you’re doing child labor? Nikhila says we aren’t making her do it. Inspector asks who is she? Kesari says I came here for my dad. Inspector asks who’s her dad? Kesari says he’s my father.

Inspector says don’t be scared of anyone, tell me is he really your dad? Kesari says yes he’s my dad and they’re all my relatives. You can’t take them to jail, please. Gopika says yes I ma her mom. Saksham is her dad. Kesari says yes that’s my dad. Saksham says yes. Saksham says yes she’s my child. Kesari hugs her. Inspector says I will keep an eye on her well-being. They leave.

Saksham says to Kesari why did you lie? I am not your dad. She says you said it too. He says I had to lie because of you. Gopika says to Kesari go sleep in your room. Don’t be sad. Saksham says so I’ve to pretend to be her dad? Nikhila says you’ve to keep an eye till police keep an eye. Saksham leaves in anger.

Gopika calms Saksham. He says how can I be calm? There’s a girl in the house claiming to be my daughter? She says you said you’re not sure 1%. He says you know what my thoughts on kids are. She says I know I can’t be your child’s mom. Don’t say this again and again. She gets upset.

Kesari brings her doll and says see my papa.. Saksham Modi. Saksham says I am not your dad. Kesari says you said it in front of the police. They will take you. Gopika says the police won’t take him anywhere. He will be careful. Kesari says I have papa too now. My friends would always tease me. Let’s go to play papa.

Scene 2
Saksham plays with Kesari. He says my clothes are ruined. I don’t want you to play with me. Kesari says papa doesn’t love me. Gopika says he lost so he got angry. Make him smile.. Kesari says idea. Saksham is stressed.

Aashi and Rajo cry accusing their husbands. Bell rings. Munna and Chirgah are scared. Someone leaves a letter. Nikhila opens it, it has a bracelet that says love 2011. Nikhila reads the father of my child didn’t confess that yesterday.

Remember when you gave me this? Rajo says 2011? Our wedding year. You had an affair then too? You’re still with your ex. Chiragh says so this daughter is Munna’s. Rajo cries. She says I will burn myself. Munna says what are you doing. Aashi says it’s water. Nikhila says we’re all with you.

Saksham wakes up and joins his meeting. Everyone laughs. He sees his face, Kesari has drawn a mustache on his face. SHe laughs. Gopika laughs too. Saksham shouts and says is it funny? You ruined my meeting.

Gopika says she’s a child. You can’t scold her. You were shouting at that girl. He says I don’t like kids. She says she’s never met her dad. She only wanted to make you smile. I have missed my father like her all my life. Gopika leaves.

Scene 3
Ramila cooks. Hitain says you both have stopped fighting. He says I’ve filed for the competition.Saksham comes to Kesari. He says what are you drawing? She says will you scold me again? He says I don’t know how dads are. Let me make you smile. He makes faces. Gopika looks at him. He dances to make her happy. Kesari laughs. Gopika smiles too. Kesari says come dance with papa. She says I am mad at him. Kesari says so was I. He will make it upto you too.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone comes to the hall. Kesari isn’t there. Jalebi calls Kesari. Her mom calls and says Jalebi isn’t Kesari’s mom. She kidnapped my daughter. If anything happens to her I won’t leveany of you.

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Telecast Date:26th May 2022
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