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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th April 2022 Nikhila calls Gopika. Nikhila says how are you? Gopika says I am sorry I had to stay here. Nikhila says anyone would have done that. You’re in our eat. gopika gets teary. Nikhila says why are you sleeping on the floor? Gopika says because you all do. Aashi says don’t do sacrifice now,

sleep on the floor. Nikhila says did you eat? She says I can’t eat if my family didn’t eat. I’ve sent food for you all. Please let me know how it is. Saksham says we can eat together. They all eat with her on video calls. Gopika cries.

Scene 2
The next morning, Ramila says how will I earn? My hotel is ruined. Jigar throws a cracker in her room. She screams.. Ramila says you did it right? She twists his ear. Jigar says this is my dad’s house. Give me my part. Ramila says what part? He says the money you made from tenants.

Saksham and family sleep on the floor. Saksham imagines Gopika next to him. He says Gopika.. He wakes up and says Gopika you? Gopika says I woke up early so I could come here, everyone was asleep so I also slept. I got food. Gopika says let’s start today’s work. Aashi says sorry Gopika. I got very rude with you, it was a misunderstanding. Chiragh says I am also sorry. I got you wrong. Gopika says it happens. I didn’t mind. Let’s start thr work. Aashi says I will shower today.

Chiragh says so you won’t stink now. He teases her. Munna calls Gopika and says where are you? She says market. He says don’t lie. She says I came to meet my family. He says I gave you one last chance. You decieted me. She says how can I leave my family? He says then this house will be auctioned. Saksham says get lost. He says I don’t need to lose you for him. He can’t part us. Saksahm says I will speak to my lawyer today.

Scene 3
Saksham comes to the job. His boss fires him. He says your BIL Munna is threatening to kill my family. He sent me picture of my grandson. I can’t risk their lives. Saksham says please listen.. He leaves. Gopika is on call.

Munna plays with Jigar. He looks for Jigar. Jigar is hidden in the shelf. Saksham comes in and hits Munna. Munna hits him back. Saksham says you will threaten people now? Everyone tries to stop them. Jigar picks the gun and says leave my dad or I will shoot you. Everyone is shocked. Sumatra recalls the incident when her husband was shot. She recalls Keshap holding the gun and Minal and her coming at the same time.

Keshap said I can shoot and solve this but we can talk. Paresh said if it could sovle you won’t bring the gun. Keshap said you decieted me in the business. You’re my friend and Gopika and Munna’s father, I can leave you. Return the money. Paresh said you’ve done it. You backstabbed me. Keshap said you did it.. Paresh picked the vase to hit him, a kid came out of similar closet and shot Paresh. Minal and Sumatra were there.

Sumatra cries and shouts and says don’t kill my husband. Jigar says relax it’s toy gun. Sumatra cries and says I remember everything now. The kid was Saksham. He had shot Paresh. He said baba this is a toy gun right? They ran away. Sumatra sat down with the blood. She picked the gun and cried. Sumatra grabs Saksham’s collar and says it was you right? you shot my husband..

Saksham says it wasn’t me. His murderer is in jail. Sumatra slaps him. Gopika says maa no Keshap shot him. Sumatra says no, Keshap put the gun but he shot. Everyone’s shocked. Sumatra says he’s the murderer. Minal is shocked. She says how will I hide the truth now. Gopika says maa you need rest. Sumatra says my daughter Gopika.. Where is my son? Munna says it’s me. She says Gopal.. my bhalu.

Munna hugs him and cries. Minal is scared. Sumatra says my kids grew up, they detained me for 20 years to save this Saksham. He killed my husband. She hits him. Nikhila stands in front of Saksham and says my Saksham can never do that. You can’t blame him. Gopika says maa it’s a misunderstanding. Sumatra says no I remember clearly, ask this Minal. Sumatra says you were there Minal.. Tell everyone the truth. Minal is scared.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Minal says Kehsap shot. sumatra slaps her. Nihila says stop. She holds her hand and says stop blaming Saksham. Munna puts gun on Saksham and says I won’t leave my father’s murderer.

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Telecast Date:26th April 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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