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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 23rd September 2021 Aashi cries and says won’t you help me? Gopika says okay I will help you. Nikhila says God give me one hint if Gopika is right or not. Aashi gives ordered to Gopika to clean things. A mouse comes. Aashi is scared. She says please do something.. The laddu fall from her hand. Aashi says you spilled all the prasad. Come before someone comes. Clean it. She sits on the counter. Nikhila comes there and sees Gopika cleaning the floor on Aashi’s orders.

Scene 2
Tejal says he called me here but isn’t here himself? Vivan holds her hand. She says how dare you.. He sings there hath mein mein mera haath ho. Flowers sprinkle on her. Everyone comes there. Vivan gives her a flower. He says I want the whole world to know. He holds her hand and says Tejal I love you.

Nikhila says what’s going on here? Aashi says the mouse dropped everything. Nikhila says I told you Aashi you have to do everything alone. And Gopika you go to your room, you won’t take part in anything. Baa says come with me Nikhila and Gopika you do your work.

Vivan says our followers can combine if we are together. Nikhila says Gopika was taking orders from Aashi. She was cleaning the floor while Aashi was sitting? Saksham will never forgive me if I have chosen wrong girl for him. I will not forgive Gopika for this is deciet. Baa says let me talk to her. She might be nervous. Nikhila says you can talk to her. But I will do what I think is right. I will talk to the one who knows Gopika. She knew everything and she had to tell her. Baa says who? Nikhil says Ramila.

Scene 3
Gopika thinks about Nikhila saying she has disappointed her. Because of her the pooja is ruined so she won’t take part in the pooja. Gopika makes Ganpati’s drawing. Gopika says why do I always make mistake. Baa comes to her. Gopika says come sit please. Baa says tell me what was happening in the kitchen? She says there was a mouse. aashi was scared. I was cleaning it. Baa says mouse is God’s blessing. Gopika says maa ji said I can’t go to the idol but can I take blessing from mouse? She says yes.

Aashi adds rat killing poison in the laddu and says I will kill it. Gopika looks for it to get blessings. Aashi calls Ramila and says how much should I add to kill? Ramila says kill who? Aashi says let me add one tablet in all laddus. She calls Ramila again but she can’t pick. Ramila says to kill nouse add 2 spoons of posion. Kill that frog with one. Nikhila says from other side it’s me. Who are you planning to poison? And who did you call frog? Ramila says I was talking to a neighbour. There were frogs in the house because of rain.

Nikhila says come to our house today. We have to speak about your daughter Gopika and I am going to decide something. It’s better if you’re here. Gopika looks for the mouse. Aashi says I will giev you this poisonous laddu you mouse. The bottle falls from her hands. Chiragh says laddy. Make me eat them. Aashi says no you can’t eat this. It’s Prasad. It’s food pooja. She leaves. Gopika reads it’s rat poison but she doesn’t know the meaning of poison.

Ramila says what truth? What decision? You might be getting things wrong. Nikhila says I am seeing things right now. Come to Modi house. Ramila says did she find out Gopika is useless?

Scene 4
Hitain says Tejal going home? Let me drop you. She says I won’t sit on this scooter. He says it will save your rickshaw cost. Tejal sits with him.

Gopika gets ready. Saksham says maa asked you not to come to the pooja. Why are you getting ready? She says I was taikng blessing from the moshak ji. He says what? He says your book was moving. He says it was. Gopika says there’s a mouse. He’s Ganpati ji’s vehicle. What is this, she shows rat poison? He says enough. You can do what you want but don’t create another scene. Gopika says sorry. He leaves.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopika says I can’t come to the temple but I will take blessing from the mouse. Aashi says I made such a good plan to kill the mouse. This Gopika, I will teach her a lesson. Nikhila says now I will know if Gopika is brave or not. Ashi shouts at Gopika but she stays silent.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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