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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd September 2021 Aashi calls Ramila and says I was saved. Nani comes and says Aashi you and Gopika are doing well. Gopika can’t come to the pooja now, you should arrange everything for the pooja. She says okay. Ramila says if Nikhila finds out Gopika is dumb our plan would be ruined.

Nikhila says have I made a mistake in choosing a brave girl for Saksham? Gopika was saying something else and then she lied after she spoke to Ramila. I thought she’s brave. Baa says sometimes it’s brave to sacrifice for others. Nikhila says not by insulting your own self. I also sacrificed because I couldn’t give this house a heir. I got my husband married to my sister. But I still maintained my rights. The heir called me his mom. You have seen all that. Baa says you’re right. Nikhila says this is strength. Not people who cry and bow down to the wrong.

Gopika says Ganpati ji you know everything. I promised to mami that I will take care of Aashi. I broke maa ji’s trust. mami is right, I hurt people.
Nikhila says have I chosen the wrong girl for Saksham? The one I chose was brave but today she was bowing down and crying and lying? Gopika says what could I do. Ever since maa ji came to my life I thought I could do so much. I don’t deserve to be the DIL of this house. Baa says she’s the DIL of this house. What will you do now? Nikhila says God will tell me if Gopika is right girl for this house and Saksham or not. Or if I made a mistake. Gopika says please show me the way Ganpati ji. She cries.

Scene 3
Tejal says I am a social media celebrity. I showed that Vivan his place. Chiragh says he has written Tejal Modi is so roudy. She’s been trained since childhood. Everyone is taking Vivan’s side. Tejal sees the video where she insulted Vivan. Vivan calls her and says I want to meet you. She says how dare you. After making my video viral you want to meet me? He says see you.

Scene 4
Saksham wakes up to noise of a mouse. He falls on Gopika. Gopika gets up. He says there was a mouse. Gopika sees the magazine.

Aashi tries to get things done for the pooja. Baa says what are you doing? Put flowers first. Nani says place the sheet there. Aashi can’t manage it. the mouse has eaten the sheet. Nikhila sees it. Aashi is scared. Nikhila says this is what you will give to Ganpati? No flowers in arti. You’ve done nothing. When will you do all this? She says I am going. Nikhila says who will do all this now?

Gopika looks out. Nani comes. She says come with me. Gopika says I can’t come. Maa ji asked me not to come. Nikhila comes there. She says I asked you not to be the part of pooja. Rani says I asked her to come. Gopika says you insulted Ganpati bapa. You won’t be a part of it. It will be an insult to me. Got it? She says yes. Rani says sorry beta. Gopika says I shouldn’t have come. I disappointed maa agani.

Aashi gets things ready. Nikhila says why is there no prsad laddu? Aashi says I kept them there. Aashi wonders where did they go. She sees the mouse and screams. Nikhila says why are you shouting? Where are the laddu? Aashi says there’s a.. Nikhila says bring the laddu from the ktichen. Stop making excuses. Aashi says to Gopika you’re having so much fun. You can’t take care of me. Gopika says you know I take care of you. Aashi says will you help me? Gopika says maa ji asked me not to be a part of anything.

Nikhila says I am really worried about Gopika. I she really brave like I thought or is she a coward?


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Aashi says clean it fast Gopika. Nikhila comes. She says Gopika was taking orders from Aashi. I didn’t want a coward girl like her. I will talk to Ramila now. She calls Ramila and says I found something about your daughter Gopika and I will decide something today.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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