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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 21st September 2021 Gopika gives the prasad to pandit ji. He takes it to the temple. Gopika sees them. She runs after him to stop him. Nikhila says what are you doing Gopika. Everyone is shocked. Nikhila says what is wrong? Answer me. Gopika says maa ji.. this prasad can’t go to Ganpati bapa. Nikhila says why? These are modak. Gopika says these aren’t modak, they are momos.

Everyone is shocked. Nikhila checks them. Nikhila says where are the modak? You knew we had to make modak. Gopika says I made modak as you asked. This thaali isn’t mine. It’s replaced. Nikhila says then Aashi? Did you make momos? She checks Aashi’s plate and says say the truth. Ramila says she made modak in front of me. Nikhila says one of them is lying. One made modak and one make momo.

Ramila says I know my kids. LEt me speak to them. Nikhila nods. Ramila says Gopika tell her your made a mistake. Gopika says but I didn’t make a mistake. Ramila says remember days when you would call the day a night if I asked. Now you’re changed here? She takes out her sarees. Gopika says what are you doing? Maa ji gave me those as shagun. Ramila tries to burn them. Gopika says don’t do this. Ramila says now say who made momos.

Nikhila says Gopika isn’t lying. I know she made modak. If Gopika made momos she wouldn’t stop pandit ji. She’s brave. She never uses lies to save her mistakes. Gopika says please mama ji leave it. Ramila says modak or momos? Gopika says I made modak. Ramila says should I burn it? Gopika says maa ji gave this to me. Please leave it. Ramila says you made modak right? She is about to burn them. Gopika says don’t do this. Ramila says modak or momos? You know I can burn it in a minute. Gopika says okay momo. It’s my mistake, sorry. She cries. Ramila says never forget your worth. It doesn’t change with the house. Gopika cries. Ramila says don’t cry. Everyone makes a mistake. Let me tell Nikhila. Gopika cries. She hugs her shagun.

Scene 2
Ramila comes out and says sorry Gopika made a mistake. She made momos instead of modak and she lied when she found out. Forgive me. I never taught her chores. She found momos instead of modak on the internet. Don’t worry Aashi will teach her. Tejal says see you were trusting her. Nikhila says I trust Gopika and I won’t agree until I hear it from her.

Nukhila says Gopika your aunt is saying you made momos instead of modak. What’s the truth? Look into my eyes and tell me what’s the truth. Ramila says tell the truth. She will forgive you. Nikhila says I know you won’t lie in front of Ganpati bapa. Tell me. Come with me. She takes her to the temple. Ramila says tell me, did you make the momos? Gopika recalls Aashi took credit of her food.

She recalls promising Ramila she will take care of Aashi. Nikhila says did you make those momos? Gopika says yes. Everyone is shocked. Gopike cries. Nikhila says if you’ve accepted the sin you will accept the punishemnt. Because of you pooja is ruined, you won’t be part of the pooja. Nini says forgive her. She accepted her mistake. Nikhila says I said it already. Baa says it’s her first festival forgive her. Nikhila says she should have thought it before doing this sin. Gopika cries.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nikhila says I doubt now, have I made a mistake in choosing the girl for Saksham? Gopika says I couldn’t leave Aashi. I promised I will take care of her. Nikhila says have I made a mistake.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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