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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 21st January 2022 Keshap says where is Aashi? What’s going on? Nikhila says let me see. Chiragh says let me go. Aashi says Gopika go. Chiragh is coming there. Priya says I will kill her. Chiragh comes outside. Priya says fast. gopika faints herself. Priya is in the ghunghat. Chiragh comes in. He asks where is Aashi? Aashi said Gopika get up.. Priya tied both of them. Chiragh takes Priya downstairs.

Nikhila asks where did you go? Saksham says all good? Pandit ji says let’s start the rounds. Aashi and Gopika are tied. Gopika is unconscious. Saksham and Priya take the rounds. Nikhila says to Chiragh was everything okay? Something feels weird. He says aashi wasn’t there. Nikhila says something is wrong.

Scene 2
Gopika opens her eyes. She opens Aashi. she says I didn’t smell it properly. They open each other.
Pandit ji asks Saksham to make Gopika wear mangalsutra. SAksham says why do I feel so weird? Kesha says come on Saksham. Saksham makes Priya wear mangalsutra. Gopika and Aashi run downstairs. Pandit ji asks Saksham to fill the hairline. Nikhila says she isn’t talking at all. Saksham fills her hairline. Everyone claps.

Nikhila says take off off your ghunghat. Priya takes off her ghunghat. Everyone is shocked. Priya says here you go sasu maa. Gopika comes and screams noo.. Everyone is shocked to see her there. Priya says I am your wife now Saksham. Gopika faints again. Saksham holds her. Priya laughs. Priya says Saksham, I am yoru wife.

Nikhila says how did you come here? She says I walked between all of you. SAksham says you.. She says yes your wife, Mrs. Saksham Modi. Saksham says what drama is this? She says we are married now. Saksham says married? He throws the garland and says I don’t accept it. She says you filled my hairline. You are mine only now.

Gopika says enough. Stay away from my Saksham. saksham says did you hear? Gopika is my wife and will always be. Chiragh says do this drama somewhere. Priya says I am your bhabhi. Nikhila says not a single world more. You think you can do this drama and we will accept you? You can never take Gopika’s place. Priya I am your DIL. That’s the truth, you have to accept it. Give me your blessing.

Nikhila walks away. She says your attitude defames MILs. Minal says shut up. Go from here. Priya says wil you give me blessings? You can be a good MIL. She also steps back. Saksham laughs. Gopika says why are you laughing? He says why are we talking to this idiot. Now the real wedding would happen in front of you. Me and Gopika. saksham says pandit ji start the mantras.

Police comes in. Inspector says stop. Nikhila says Chiragh you called the police? He says I didn’t. Minal says Aashi did you? saksham says did you Gopika? She says no. Nikhila says inspector arrest Priya. She’s invaded our house. Inspector comes near Priya. Priya snatches her gun. Inspector says calm down. Put it down.

Priya says no one can arrest me. Gopika says are you crazy? Put it down. Saksham stands in front of Gopika. He says you will be punished for your sins. She says no one can punish me. I am going to God. She puts gun on her head. Inspector says you are doing wrong. Priya says you don’t know what I am going through. I called you here. I am married but my husband isn’t accepting it.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopika says she’s a drama. She fooled my husband and married him. Priya says he married me with his will. I’ve proof. Saksham says on video I didn’t like marrying Gopika. Yes I love you. Gopika leaves in tears.

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Telecast Date:21st January 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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