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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 20th September 2021 Gopika says I will make the best modak today. Aashi comes and says Gopika I don’t know how to cook. I hope you don’t mind. Gopika says why you do this to me? Aashi says you don’t like helping me? She says I love helping you. Maa ji is a bit bad but I know I will fix her mood with modak. Ashi says let me take it out. Gopika says maa ji said the one who makes it will take it to the temple.

Ramila calls Hitain and says get 50 modaks to Modi house.
Tejal comes to VJ and says so you are VJ? He says princess Tejal Modi is here. She says ae you a hero? You want to be no. 1 on social media? You have all followers because of me. You get them because you write about me. Vivan says let’s clap for her. Go now if you’re done with the speech. She breaks the scooter behind him and says you deserve this. Hitain says this was mine. Tejal you broke it. Vivan says brother get it fixed, he gives money and says take some from her too. She has lots of dad’s money. He leaves. Tejal is angry.

Scene 2
Ramila says where is Hitain. If Modaks don’t come on time aashi will be scolded. Hitain comes. Ramila says I need to get them in before the pooja starts. Ramil comes in. Nikhila says so early here? Ramila says I was missing my daughters. Nani says this is your daughter’s house you can come whenever you want. Nikhila says no it’s their in-laws. Now you’re here you can meet Aashi. Where is she? Nani says let me take you. Ramila says it’s okay I will go.

Nikhila says wait. What are you hiding and taking inside? She says I got my own food. It’s my daughter’s house. I can’t eat here. Nikhila says don’t waste Gopika’s time. She’s making modak with all her heart, unlike Aashi.

Aashi says someone help me please. Ramila says your mummy is here to help you. She gives her the modak. Aashi says these are momos. Ramila says what? This Hitain is an idiot. Aashi says they will kick me out of this house. Ramila says get it from Gopika? Aashi says she won’t give it. She said she won’t give it. Ramila says we will take it from her. Don’t worry. Aashi says how? Ramila says we have to do it away even she doesn’t know.

Scene 3
The function starts. Saksham brings in the idol. Nikhila and everyone sprays flowers on them. Nikhila asks Aashi and Gopika are the modaks ready? Gopika says yes. She says go bring it. She asks aashi did you make them? She says yes. Nikhila says go and bring them. They go inside the kitchen.

Gopika brings her modaks. Aashi brings too. Ramila says I am so proud of them. They made such a good prasad. Nikhila says we will see that. Ramila says Aashi worked so hard. Aashi says if she checks she will know they are momos. Gopika says maa ji I made the modaks like you asked. Nikhila is about to pick them. Ramila says the mahurat is running out. Let’s do the pooja. Pandit ji says yes we should start pooja right now.

Nikhila starts the pooja. Gopika does arti with Saksham. Gopika brings her tray of modaks to place in the temple. Aashi brings her tray. Ramila replaced them. Pandit ji says bring the modaks for prasad. Ramila stops Aashi and says you forgot the custom again? Eldest DIL will take the prasad first, which is Gopika. She will give it to pandit ji. Nikhila says Gopika give it to pandit ji. Gopika gives them. Ramila is worried. Pandit ji opens it, they are momos. Gopika is shocked.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ramila says to Gopika forgot the days when you called night day if I asked. She picks the sarees Nikhila gave her and burns them. Ramila says now tell me if you made modak or momos? You will say you made momos. Nikhila says to Gopika I know you won’t lie in the temple. Tell me if you made momos or modak?

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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