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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 19th November 2021 Gopika says he’s my husband and will always be. Nikhila says true. Gopika says maa ji. Nikhila says I want to talk to Gopika alone. Nikhila says yes yes it’s your house. Ramila goes to the kitchen. Nikhila says to Gopika it made me happy what you said to Ramila. You’ve to fight for your relationship. The way you took care of the broken mangalsutra take care of the one who made your wear it.

You can cry if you feel like. Crying isn’t a sign of being weak. Gopika says who should I fight for? What I have already lost. Nikhila says if you give up how would you win? Is this the right way to live? If you left house and I accepted that you are gone and gave up was it right? I never stop fighting. You have to choose your battle. Gopika cries. Nikhila hugs her. Nikhila says I am with you. You have to fight your battle. It’s about your right.

Nikhila comes to Tajal. She asks how are you? Ramila says she’s very happy here. Nikhila says let me talk. Nikhila says that house is empty without you. We miss you a lot. Tejal says I have no interest in your fake drama. Please go.

Scene 2
Priya says life has changed since mom passed away. Uncle got a paralysis attack too. Saksham says let me know if you need any help. She says can you come with me and have tea with mama (uncle). If you have time. He says yes of course.

Aashi wears Gopika’s jewelry. Chiragh says this isn’t right. Aashi says she’s my sister, I miss her. Chiragh says so you can go and meet her but taking out her jewelry isn’t right. Aashi says but she won’t ever come back, Saksham won’t bring her. Nikhila comes in and shouts Aashi.

Mama ji (uncle) dances in the house. Priya comes in. She whispers what were you doing, you couldn be exposed. She says Saksham is here. Mama ji says come hug me. Priya says come sit Saksham. She says to Mama ji don’t overact. Mama ji says ask her to get married and settle down. she can’t stay here for me. She has her life. Priya told me you got married. Saksham says yes. He says that’s great. Next time come with your wife.

Nikhila says how dare you wear Gopika’s jewelry. Have you all accepted she won’t come back? Then change that thought. I am in this house and live. Don’t ever touch gopika’s things again. Aashi says okay.

Scene 3
Gopika thinks about Saksham hugging Priya.

Saksham leaves his work. He says I forgot the blue file at him. Let me call mom. I had to tell her about Priya too. He calls on gopika’s phone by mistake. Gopika picks. Saksham says maa you won’t believe who I met today. My college friend Priya. I met her after so long. I am very happy. My office boy is coming to pick the blue fight. Send my silve cufflings too. Gopika says Saksham ji.. your blue file is in the cupboard and cufflings are in drawer. He says sorry Gopika. I was calling maa. Gopika says it’s okay. Gopika says I didn’t mind.

Scene 4
Nikhila calls women protection NGO and gives them a news that Nikhila Modi kicked her DIL out. Injustice has been done to Gopika and only Nikhila is responsible for it. Saksham receives a message. He asks the driver to go home fast. Mr. Modi gets a video too. He goes home.

Gopika sees the news. The reporter says people living in big houses have small hearts. Nikhila Modi kicked her DIL out of the house. Women start protesting against Nikhila. Everyone is shocked. People protest outside Modi house. People chant against Nikhila. Reporter says Nikhila used to beat her DIL with a belt. She has to come out and answer us. Nikhila says I hope this plans bring Gopika back home.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :People chant against Nikhila. Saksham comes outside. Gopika comes there.

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Telecast Date:19th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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