Tera Mera Saath Rahe 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 19th May 2022 Gopika asks Kesari who she is? She points at the men. Gopika asks Saksham who is she? Saksham says daughter? they all say whose daughter? Nikhila says who is she? Whose daughter is she? Minal says what is the matter? Chiragh says she’s Saksham’s friend’s daughter.

Gopika says why were you all panicking? Keshap says I thought she’s Munna’s friend’s daughter. Nikhila says where is the friend? Saksham says he came and he left. He has to go to America. His daughter is admitted to boarding school. He was missing his flight and schools aren’t open yet. So he left her with me.

Gopika asks what’s your name? Saksham says her name is Kesari. Gopika asks where is your mom? Saksham says she can’t talk or listen. See the device on her ear. Nikhila says still her dad left her here? Gopika hugs her and says we will all take care of you.

Gopika asks Saksham about his friend. He says he’s a school friend. Gopika says I know all your school friend. He says I might have forgotten about him. Gopika says I know all your friends. He says I forgot it. Gopika says don’t get mad. He says I need to leave for work. He thinks about the letter. He says that letter was in cupboard.

He says I forgot my file in the cupboard. Gopika says let me get it. He says no I will get it. Gopika says you shoved me. He picks her and says no I was trying to pick you up. The letter is not in the cupboard. Saksham is worried. Gopika says why is he acting so weird? Saksham looks around for the letter. He’s worried.

Scene 2
Everyone is at the lunch table. Nikhila says eat whatever you like. Saksham tries to indicate Chiragh and Munna the letter is missing. Gopika says what were you doing? Did you find the file? Nikhila says come eat. Saksham tries to tell the men that the letter isn’t there. Kesari eats. Minal says Keshap ji she’s eating yogurt in food just like you. All men look at keshap. She gets hiccups.

Rajo says Munna and Kesari both get hiccups on lunch. She eats gulab jamun. Aashi says Chiragh loves them too. Nikhila says she’s your friend’s daughter but she’s like Keshap, Chiragh and Munna. Chiragh says co-incidence. They tell each other about the letter. Gopika says what letter? Saksham says the file I was talking about has the letter missing. Kesari takes out a letter.

Gopika says is this your letter? She took the letter from his closet. Munna takes the letter. Nikhila says she was giving it to me. They all snatch it from each other. Gopika says let maa ji read. Nikhila says she gave me this letter, I will read it. Saksham takes it and says sorry ma.. The letter is from my friend. It’s his personal stuff.

Scene 4
Tejal dresses like Ramila. She says Tejal bahu.. I am so tired. Massage my feet. Ramila says sasu maa let me massage your feet. Tejal says use your hands.
Nikhila asks Gopika if something is weird about all this. Gopika says Saksham was weird since we spoke about the child. Nikhila says no all men are acting weird. GOpika says is it related ot Kesari? Nikhila says how can it be related to Kesari? Gopika says I should talk to her.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Chiragh says something is weird. There’s a girl, she can’t talk or listen. Kesari sings bhajan. Nikhila says you said she can’t speak, she’s singing?

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Telecast Date:19th May 2022
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