Tera Mera Saath Rahe 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 17th May 2022 Saksham says what if someone saw her? Aashi says saw what? Chiragh says what are you saying? Chiragh says what was the noise? He says there’s a rat inside. Aashi runs. She says I hate rats. She leaves.

Keshap says thank God Saksham came on time. Saksham asks Kesari where is your house? Who is your mom? She shakes her head. She gives the list of things she wants to eat. Saksham says let me get it. He sees a countdown on her watch. He says what does it mean? She touches her stomach.

Scene 2
Ramila and Tejal try to do the audition. Ramila says you walk in from there. Tejal comes in the video and touches her feet. Ramila says you’re my daughter don’t touch my feet. Give me a hug. I made ladyfinger for you. Tejal says you’re so sweet. Let me massage your feet. Ramila gives her water. They both start fighting. Hitain says forget about it.

Nikhila asks Keshap where are you taking all these candies? Jigar is gone too. He says I like it. She says lollipop? He says Minal doesn’t like me eating lollipop. She says I never saw you eating it before. He says don’t tell anyone. I love it. She says to eat in front of me. He eats in front of her. She says it has a lot of sugar. Be careful.

He says yes I will be. Gopika sees Saksham making chocolate milk. Gopika asks what is it? He says for myself. Gopika says you don’t like milk? He says I am trying again. It’s good for health. I like it now. Gopika says yes it’s good for health. He leaves. Gopika says he’s acting like a kid.

They bring all the stuff to Kesari. She doesn’t eat the lollipop. Chiragh says I stole Aashi’s chocolates. Saksham says to Kesari you won’t go out of the room. They leave. Kesari looks at the watch.

Scene 3
Everyone is at the lunch table. Munna sees Kesari. He coughs. Rajo says are you okay? He looks at Saksham and coughs. Rajo taps his back. Saksham sees Kesari too. He’s scared. Gopika looks back she hides. They’re all scared. She comes from the other side. Keshap says noooo. Nikhila says what no? Why did you shout?

He says to my stomach to not eat more. Nikhila says are you okay? Saksham looks at Kesari hidden behind the wall. Rajo says I saw a child’s shadow. Everyone is scaraed. Saksham says there’s no child. What child? Chiragh says no one is here. Rajo says I saw a child’s shadow myself. Gopika says no one is here.

Munna says you must be missing jigar. Everyone says right.. Rajo says maybe. Gopika goes to the kitchen. Saksham says you sit, I will get it. She says I will get it. He says you will get fat. Nikhila says what are you saying?? If she wants to eat she will. Gopika goes to the kitchen. Kesari is there.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone coughs. There’s smoke in the house. Kesari holds Gopika’s hand. Gopika says who are you? Nikhila says whose child is she?

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Telecast Date:17th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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