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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th June 2022 Ramila says that she won’t spare Tejal because she is trying to separate her from her daughter. She says that she will convince Ashi later about the divorce but before that she has to teach a lesson to Tejal through which Hiten gets upset with Tejal and wonders what she is going to do.

She then gets an idea and removes all her jewellery. Hiten gives roses to Tejal and tells each time he brought her this but he failed to give it to her because he was afraid. Tejal and Hiten hugs each other.

They both hears Ramila is crying loudly so they wonders what happened and goes out to see what happened. Ramila cries and tells Hiten that her jewellery was stolen shocking Hiten and Tejal.

Hiten asks Ramila how its possible and tells her that he will go and check. Ramila tells it’s not needed. She also tells that she went to take a bath meawhile someone stole her jewellery. Hiten and Tejal gets confused and Hiten questions Ramila is she closed the windows of her room.

Ramila tells yes. She also adds that she dont think someone from outside stolen her jewellery it must be from one of the family members. Hiten realises Ramila’s plan so he goes and stands beside Tejal and tells they can make complaint on police station.

The police will enquire and find the thief. Tejal agrees with him. Ramila gets shocked and tells Hiten that’s not necessary because if police comes to the house then society people will talk ill about them.

Hiten tells but they have to find the thief and takes his phone out but Ramila stops him and says she must have put it somewhere and forget about it. Hiten asks Ramila do she really think that he isn’t aware about her plan to trap Tejal and questions her why she doing all this. Tejal tells she isn’t aware that Ramila hates her this much. Ramila accuses Tejal for snatching Hiten from her in the name of love.

Hiten tells Ramila that she is supposed to be that her son and daughter in law is accepting each other instead of that she is trying to separate them so he dont want to stay under the same roof with her so he is leaving the house with Tejal and goes inside.

Tejal goes behind him. Ramila gets shocked. She realises her mistake for not understanding anything. Hiten and Tejal comes there. Ramila apologises to them for her behavior and tells they can forget the past and move on. They all hugs one another.

Hiten and Tejal tells Ramila that Ashi is here and they have to advise her to save her marriage life. Ramila agrees with them and goes to Ashi’s room. Ashi cries and asks Ramila which plan she has now to break her marriage life. Ramila apologises to her for not realising her pain. She also tells even after she fights a lot with her husband she didnt realised what she suggested to Ashi.

She then asks Ashi to go back to Modi house because she is married to Chirag also in marriage life they have to face so many hardships it doesn’t mean they have to leave their partner especially when the problem is not because of their partner but because of some outsider.

Ashi tells Kesari what she has to do with her. Ramila tells that Kesari is a child so she dont have to face all their hatred because she is innocent and tells Ashi to make Shradha leave her and Chirag’s life.

Ashi receives a call from Gopika and the latter urges her to come to Modi house immediately because she learnt through Jumki that marriage preparation is happening. Ashi gets confused and shocked and decides to go to Modi’s house saying Ramila its her fight so she will fight her battle on her own. Chirag and Shradha comes to the mandap arranged by Keshav where the priest are reciting some mantras for the wedding about to take place.

Shradha asks him what happened. Chirag asks her about Kesari to which Shradha tells that she sent her to het friend’s house because Kesari will question her if she saw her marrying Chirag. They both goes and sits beside the mandap. The priest asks Chirag to perform a marriage ritual. Ashi comes there and asks thr priest to stop the rituals. She enters the house and tells this marriage wont happen. Keshav tells her she can’t able to stop this marriage.

Ashi tells him that she is a legally wedded wife of Chirag so she will file a case against them for this illegal marriage. Gopika asks the priest to leave saying there is no marriage taking place. Shradha gets angry. Ashi goes to Chirag and asks him what is he going to do. Did he forget the love they have for each other also about the marriage the vows they made to each other.

Chirag tells her that he comes to take her back to house but she refused to go with him..Ashi reminds him that he visited only once. She then tells Chirag to throw Shradha out of the house but the latter remains silent so Ashi decides to go back to her parents house but Saksham and Gopika stops her and makes a promise to her that they all together can solve this problem. Gopika takes Ashi inside the room.

Saksham tells Keshav that they all know someday Keshav will go to any extent to show everyone the greediness of him. He never thought for that he will stoop this low. He also tells him that he is ashamed of what he planned to do.

He also tells him that he will never let him succeed in his plan. He then tells Minal that he is disappointed with her for not taking stand for the right things. He also says her she can still become a hero for Chirag by standing up for the right things and leaves the place. Minal realises her mistake and decides to do something.

Shradha gives a final warning to Keshav and leaves the place. Gopika consoles a crying Ashi and tells her that Chirag took this decision because that time no one in the family talked to him except Keshav and Shradha. She also tells her to be strong and fight for her rights and they all are by her side. Ashi thanks her and they both hugs each other.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 16th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ashi throws the divorce papers and asks who send her this. Chirag gets shocked seeing it. Ashi asks Keshav and Shradha to come infront of her and fight not like this. Later Keshav asks Gopika to leave the house until Chirag marries Shradha shocking the latter.

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Telecast Date:15th June 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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