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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 12th October 2021 Gopika says I never lied. I accept myself as who I am. Your thoughts and your decision, I accept them. Things will be the way you want. I will leave this house. Everyone is in tears. Gopika walks outside the gate. She recalls her wedding and when she entered the hosue.

Aashi and Ramil smile. Baa says stop. She married Saksham, she’s his wife. She is the laxmi of this house. We can’t let our laxmi leave the house on navratri. Gopika says baa please don’t make maa ji guilty. If hearts are out then wedding doesn’t matter. I don’t want to stay by force here. Baa says Nikhila I always stood with your decisions.

But without laxmi pooja, she won’t step out of this house. Nikhila says you are the elder of this house. I accept what you say. Gopika can leave after diwali. But she isn’t the part of my family anymore. She will stay in this house as guest in the guestroom and after navratri she will leave my house forever. Everyone goes to their rooms. Gopika cries.

Scene 2
Ramila says where is Hitain? Mohan says what do you want? To ruin Gopika’s house? Nikhila was going to kick her out. Ramila says it’s better that she gets kicked out and stays with us. Aashi was being kicked out because of he. aashi is your daughter not Gopika. He says I know that. Hitain comes with rickshaw. He says I wil follow on bike.

Tejal comes. She says I need to go somewhere. He says but it’s too late. She says I can’t the house’s car. They will doubt. Take me please. He says okay. Tejal sits with him.

Scene 3
Gopika cries recalling everything. Gopika says I shouldn’t be here. I don’t deserve it. But I never lied. A lot of people are hurt because of me. Why should I stay here forcefully and ruin everyone’s festival. I should leave this house.

Aashi pretends to cry in sleep. Chiragh says are you okay? She says what has happened. I feel so guilty. He says I know you love Gopika. But you should never lie. Aashi says hiding things is a lie. I will never hide anything from you.

He says you should rest. Aashi says where are you going? He says on sofa. Aashi says I am very scared. I felt like I lost my family. Please can you stay here. Ramila calls Aashi. Aashi says mummy you spoiled my moment. Chiragh was gonna sleep with me. Ramila says get the housekeys. Make Chirgah to make money and get control over the business. When they were kicking you out he didn’t even say a word.

Scene 4
Tejal comes to VJ. She says what do you think of yourself? You can do whatever you want. He says leave my collar. Tejal says why weren’t you picking my phone? What’s the matter? You love me right.. She hugs him. He shoves her and says what love? Who are you? Our world runs on likes and followers. Now I have millions of followers and you’ve nothing. VJ doesn’t talk to people who have no worth. Go from here, I have a class. Tejal says please listen. He says go from here. I wanna party with my friends. He leaves. Tejal cries.

Gopika says I should leave this house. She sees Saksham’s moli (thread) on the floor. Gopika says this is the one I got when I met maa ji. That day changed my life. I was hopeless. What was I going to do? Maa ji taught me to never be helpless and do everything on my own. I will stand steadfast. I won’t bow down. I know I have time till diwali. But I will take care of my family till I am here.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopika asks everyone is someone coming? She asks Minal should I help? Gopika says we don’t take recommendation and help for guests. Minal says she was asking.. Nikhila says she was asking who’s coming right? She says read from this road. Gopika can’t read. Tejal says is mister not MR. Nikhila says go to your room. That’s better for you.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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