Tera Mera Saath Rahe 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 11th May 2022 Nikhila does arti. She says thank you for returning our happiness God. Chiragh says to Aashi what happened? She says after so long we’re here in AC. I feel so good, let me breathe in AC.

Chiragh says we should keep things from chawl as a memory. Rajo says please forgive me. We stooped so low while taking the revenge. Please think good for us and try to forgive us. Nikhila says we all made mistakes. It’s time to move ahead. You don’t have to apologize. Jigar says I also wanted to say sorry for leaving the rat on you. Nikhila says you will get punished for sure. You will call me friend dadi from now.

He hugs her. Jigar hugs Gopika. Saksham says everyone is back except for one. Gopika says, papa? Munna comes in and says worried for your dad Saksham? He comes in with Sumatra. Keshap is with them. He says see here is here. Everyone is happy to see Keshap. Minal hugs him. She says thank God you’re back. Minal cries.

Minal says how? He says Munna and Sumatra withdrew the case. Gopika recalls he said they need to go for something important. Keshap says I was wrong though. I am the culprit of you all. I want to apologize. Sumatra says we forgive you. Let’s forgive it like a bad dream. Nikhila says how can we stay mad at you when Sumatra forgave you. Welcome back home. She says Saksham..

Saksham hugs Keshap. Gopika meets him too. She says we’ve to forget the past and think of the present. We will all live happily together. They touch Keshap’s feet. Munna is leaving. Gopika says you’re leaving? He says you found a good family. What else do we want? Nikhila says stop. This is your family too.

Gopika met you and Sumatra after so long. We will all live together in this house. Saksham says maa is right. Munna says no we can’t live here. We’ve to go. Gopika says bhaalu bhaya. He stops. Gopika says will you leave me again? Please stop. Let’s stay together. He says I can never say no to you. Gopika hugs him. Nikhila says all is well that ends well. She thanks God.

Scene 2
Everyone is at the dinner table. Munna says this diamond business I can’t handle it. Saksham says you can take your time and join whenever you feel like. He says who can do this. He says I will tell Gopika if you don’t join. Chiragh says there’s a mango box in store that’s moving. Chirgah, Keshap, and Munna come with him. They’re scared. They ask each other to open it. Saksham goes near it. He tries to open it. He finds a letter. Keshap says why are you so shocked?

Gopika serves food. Rajo says food is ready for everyone. All the men come. Gopika gives her seat to Rajo. Jigar statues everyone. They all sit for food. Munna asks Jigar ready to go to boarding school? He says yes.

Nikhila says why are you sending him? Rajo says he will study better there. Nikhila says make us proud Jigar. Gopika goes in a corner and cries. Saksham asks why are you crying? She says these are happy tears. I’ve never been this happy. My whole family is with me. We’re all together. This is a blessings. He says you deserve all the happiness.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saksham reads the letter. It says the fruit in this basket is of one of you four.

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Telecast Date:11th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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