Tera Mera Saath Rahe 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update


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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 11th January 2022 Saksham says Gopika would never sign. Priya says why she doesn’t love you? Nikhila asks Gopika tell me what’s going on? I am very worried for Saksham.

A delivery guy comes. Gopika opens the papers. She says divorce? Nikhila says Saksham sent divorce papers? What joke is this? Keshap says Saksahm come out what joke is this. Gopika gets a call from Saksham’s phone.

Priya says hello.. She says did you like the gift? Sakshaam has sent you divorce. He realized he deserves better. Gopika says he can’t sign it with will. Priya says will or force or whatever. He signed. Sign it now.

Gopika says I would die but not sign. She says what if Saksham dies? I kidnapped him, Sign the papers in 10 minutes or I will send his body at home. Gopika is shocked. Everyone asks Gopika what did she say?

Scene 2
The goons tie Saksham and say he can’t run from here. Saksham says I’ve to run from here before Gopika signs. Nikhila says none of us will give up. we will find Saksham. Minal says we don’t even know where he is. Keshap says we can call the police. Chiragh says it can harm his life. Gopika says we only have 10 minutes.

Saksham opens his ropes. He hits the goons. Keshap says let’s go to the police. Gopika says we have to save his life even if this marriage has to end. Saksham hits the goons. Gopika picks the papers. Nikhila says don’t do this. Chiragh says please don’t..

Gopika picks the pen. She’s about to sign. Priya hits Saksham on head and he faints. She says I had to hit my to be husband. Now sleep, when you get up. There will be a good news. Priya scolds her goons and says you are all useless. The goon says he started hitting us.

Scene 3
Gopika says only 2 minutes are left. She recalls her moments with Saksham. Gopika is in tears. Gopika signs the papers. Nikhila says stop. What did you do? You ended your marriage? I will tear these papers.

Gopika says I chose his life. Either this marriage can win or Saksham’s life. I had to save him. Nikhila says what are you saying? Gopika shows the video to them. they’re all scared. Gopika calls Priya and says I’ve signed. She says there’s a trashbin outside. Put it in there. I will get it. Gopika says let Saksham go now. Priya hangs up.

Scene 4
Gopika puts the papers in the trashbin. She calls Priya and says please tell me where Saksham is now. SHe says you will know. Don’t try to call the police. Gopika leaves. Priya picks the papers and says game over. Saksham and I will be together.

Gopika comes home. There’s police. Gopika says why are you here? He says I was told your husband is kidnapped. Gopika says he’s fine. He will be back. We don’t need your help. Nikhila says they’re tracing his location. Gopika says if they harm Gopika? Gopika says I signed divorce papers to save him and you all called the police?

They trace a location and go there. Gopika follows them. They come to a place and look around. Gopika looks around too. Gopika sees a man and says Saksham ji.. it’s someone else. Nikhila consoles Gopika. GOpika says I am really worried. Nikhila says don’t give up. We will find Saksham. Priya has taken away Saksham from there.


Tera Mera Saath Rahe 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopika says I told you all to not call the police. She’s taking him far away now. How will we find him.

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Telecast Date:11th January 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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