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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 10th September 2021 Nikhila tells Gopi that she has to give a speech in English. Raashi thinks now they will know Gopi is illiterate. Gopi says how can I? Minal says she is tensed so let her be. Nikhila says she has some responsibilities. I know my Gopi bahu will talk in such gold English that everyone will be stunned.

Gopi comes to Raashi and asks if they told Nikhila that she doesn’t know English? Raashi says yes but she wants you to learn something. Gopi says how can I learn English in a day? You know English so can you teach me? Raashi says I have to get ready, I don’t have time. She leaves from there. Gopi says Shaksham also knows English, I can ask for his help.

Raashi video calls Ramila. Ramila says Gopi used to take care of the house so well. Raashi says today is the face revealing ceremony but they have given me such boring clothes. Why is my credit card not working? Ramila says I used the money to get a maid. She asks Raashi to call any shop and tell them you are talking from Modi family, they will send you stuff without even asking for money. Ramila ends call. Raashi calls a designer shop and orders some clothes and jewelry.

Gopi comes to her room. Shaksham is working there. Gopi says today is a face revealing ceremony and Maaji asked me to give a speech in English so I was thinking.. Shaksham looks at the clothes she brought and asks what is all this? Gopi says these are clothes for the ceremony. Shaksham says you must be happy to get new clothes and jewelry everyday. Goi says I am happy. Shaksham says I have work so leave. Gopi thinks to ask Tejal.

Gopi comes to Tejal’s room. She finds English books there and thinks to ask for her help. Gopi says I am not much literate, I have just.. Tejal says I have to meet Chiragh, she leaves from there.

Chiragh and Tejal are in the market. Chiragh says we have to get something for Raashi, she is feeling awkward in our house. Ramila arrives at the same shop. She meets Chiragh there.

A designer shop sends clothes for Raashi. Nikhila sees the bill 11 lacs and asks who got these items? Baa and Minal say we didn’t order anything. Raashi gets tensed. Nikhila asks if she ordered all this stuff? Raashi says I didn’t. Baa says then only Gopi is left.

Nikhila and Mina come to Gopi. Gopi asks her to sit down. Nikhila asks if she ordered some items from the shop? Gopi is confused.

Ramila is looking at jewelry sets. She looks at Chiragh and starts crying. He asks what happened? Ramila says we used to be rich, I had to sell this necklace to get Gopi and Raashi married. Chiragh says I will gift this necklace to you, I know this means a lot to you. Ramila says I can’t say no to you. Chiragh buys it for her. Ramila calls Raashi and says our trick is working. Raashi says Nikhila is angry. Ramila says she is rich but still acts like this. Raashi says she has gone to ask Gopi.

Nikhila asks Gopi about the items. Shaksham says she must have ordered them, I know she likes to dress up. Gopi says I am telling the truth, I didn’t order anything. Nikhila tells Shaksham if she ordered all those items then why would she lie? She would want to keep all those items to herself. Shaksham says I know her, it happened before also. Nikhila asks what do you mean? Shaksham asks Nikhila to look at the bills. We will know who it was addressed to. Shaksham goes and checks the bills. Raashi has changed the bills and now they are addressed to Gopika Modi. Nikhila glares at Gopi.

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nikhila welcomes all media people and says my daughter in law Gopika will give a speech in English now. She welcomes Gopi on the stage. Nikhila’s husband says if this goes wrong then we will be shamed in front of the media. Nikhila says I trust my Gopi Bahu, she will handle everything. Gopi stands on the stage and recalls how Raashi used some English words before.

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Telecast Date:10th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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