Tara From Satara 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update


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Tara From Satara 7th November 2019 Episode Start With Tara and Bedane find themselves on KBC’s set and are thrilled at the realisation. No one else is there. Bedane says I would be thankful if I see Bacchan ji once. She touches the hot seat but he tells her against it. He asks her to sit but she denies. Baba says one must stay away from things they don’t deserve. He asks her on what basis she is saying this. She says common sense. He insists that she deserves to be here. She says it does not matter. No one has a right to change Baba’s decision now. He says maybe Bappa gave this task to Mr. Amitabh Bacchan. She says he is Amitabh Bacchan and I am just Tara. He says why else would we be here. It is Bappa’s plan. She disagrees. He makes her stand next to the contestant’s seat and he himself stands next to Amitabh Bacchan’s seat.

What should Tara do in this condition? She tells him not to waste time. Let’s go. He clicks a selfie with her on the set. One of the crew members ask them who they are. He summons security when Bedane requests hi to let him meet Bacchan Sir once. I have come from Satara. I will be fine once I see him. The crew member asks them to leave. Tara also asks Bedane to come. He gives her their friendship’s swear. He turns to the crew member again. How can we leave without meeting Baccha Sir now that we are here already?

Varun and Chinu are waiting for the kids impatiently at the bus stand.

Bedane says I told you that Bappa will indeed send an angel to help you. Bedane and Tara are seated amongst the audience as KBC goes live. Bedane points at Amitabh Bacchan. I was speaking about him.

Chinu says looks like they intend to miss today’s bus.

The show starts. Bedane and Tara are super excited.

Varun is unable to get in touch with Bedane.

The show ends. Tara and Bedane run up to Amitabh Bacchan. They exchange pleasantries and introduce themselves to him. Bedane tells Amitabh that Tara thinks she has no talent so she is leaving Mumbai. Please tell her something. He replies that everyone has a special talent. If you will mistake your talent as a drawback then that is what the world will see. Trust yourself and stay positive. He takes their leave. They thank him.

Tara repeats Amitabh Bacchan’s words to herself. Bedane says I have recorded your small convo with Amit ji. We can show that video. He notices her repeating Amit ji’s mantra to herself without paying heed to his words. He starts another video recording. How do you feel after meeting Amit Sir? She says it feels like I am flying. He tells her not to come down. Find your spot in the sky. She rues that she must return to Satara like Baba said. He repeats Amit ji’s words. She says this is what Baba tells me as well. I don’t stay at one place like a star does. I am a cracker that wears out in 2 minutes. I just don’t know where I should stop. Maybe I am missing that smartness and talent. He tells her not to give up. She says I am not giving up but coming to a realisation. There is no battery in my phone. I cannot tell Baba that I don’t want to come back to Satara right now. I want to tell him that I will study well and work hard here. I will do what he wants me to but I just cannot tell him anything directly. I wish I had the courage to open up to him. I would have asked him to ask everyone and find out how hard I work here. I would have told him that I will study hard and pass the exam with great marks. If I had courage, I would have told him that he can trust me this time. Bedane says I have never seen you speak like that. She gives credit to Amit ji. He said world will not trust us if we wont trust ourselves. I don’t know whether I am talented or not but I know that I am great at what I do in this academy. I enjoy it very much. I don’t know how to explain to Baba. I want to stay here in Mumbai. He hates Mumbai and will never come back here as if he has taken a vow or something. You gave me some options when we were inside. I think I should call Baba to inform him that I don’t want to return to Satara. I want to stay here. I will choose the other option though. I will return to Satara for Baba’s sake. I must listen to him. He will choose the best for me. It will be good for everyone. She collides with Venky. He asks her where she was. She says I was looking for you only. He says I was waiting for you at Studio no. 8. She realises her mistake. Here is the key. Thank you for helping me and sorry for whatever I did wrong. Till we meet again! She leaves with Bedane.

Bedane and Tara are on video call with Radhika and Rohan. He tells them about their chance meeting with Amit Sir. Rohan asks them to send the video to them. Bedane agrees. Radhika and Rohan are amazed to see it. Rohan remarks that no one knows what Tara can do. She met Amit Sir while heading home. She can do anything! Radhika smiles.

Ajji is impressed seeing Tara’s video with Amit Sir. Chinu is also watching the video with her. The second video recorded by Bedane plays in sequence. Sachin and Sarita have also got the videos. They look at each other as they notice Tara’s sad face.

Bedane and Tara reach the bus stop. Chinu scolds them for coming late. Bedane tells the driver to wait for 2 minutes. You cannot leave without us. Conductor taunts him on coming late. We have to leave as per the set time. Bedane asks Varun if Sachin called. Varun denies.

Sachin and Sarita are still watching the video.

Bedane asks Varun to check his phone again. Maybe your phone is on silent. Varun shows the phone to him. Bedane thinks he should have called. Varun tells him to hurry up. Dada might come over if you wont leave in this bus. Bedane tells the driver to wait for another 2 minutes. Bedane and Tara get on the bus. He thinks to pass some more time and makes random conversations with people and bus driver / conductor. Tara sits down sadly. Ajji tells them to call them once they reach home. Don’t step down anywhere. Take care of each other and your parents. Study well. Tara assures her about it. Bedane asks Chinu if they got a call. She asks him who was supposed to call. Give me name and number. I will call them.

Varun receives Sachin’s call. He tells his mother that Sachin has asked him to not to send the kids back to Satara. Tara is surprised. How did it happen? Bedane tells her not to underestimate him. He shares that he had sent the special video to Sachin. Varun asks them to step down. Driver taps his head angrily. What is this? You have a made a joke of us! The bus leaves.

Tara thanks Bappa but Varun tells her to thank her Baba. He hands the phone to Tara. Sachin says I know that you want to stay in Mumbai. You can stay but there is one condition.


Tara From Satara 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Radhika makes a face seeing everyone chasing Tara like she is a star. Next day, Radhika tells RT that she wants to do Bollywood dance in the next round. She starts practising as well. Tara enters in the practise room and is taken aback to see her thus.


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