Tara From Satara 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Tara From Satara 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Tara From Satara Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Tara From Satara 6th November 2019 Episode Start With Tara asks Radhika to join them but Radhika denies. I am very tired. We went to shopping after practise. Driver asks them to hurry up. Don’t complain about the rent later. Tara recalls that she left her envelope on the table. Arjun brings it for her. While handing it to her, the contents fall down. Mane family is shocked to see the bundle of money. Where did you get it from? Tara says it was in the envelope. Varun counts it. It is 5k! Bedane says RT Sir gave it to you. Tara says there should have been a certificate inside. Radhika reads the letter. This is Tara’s salary. Arjun walks away. Tara gives it to Ajji who passes it to Varun. He hands it to Chinu. You can use it for household expenses. Radhika recalls Rahul’s words. Chinu says Radhika must have got her stipend too. Radhika nods.

I have saved some of it for something that I need for the next practise. I will give it to you. Driver asks them to hurry up. Radhika reasons that Tara got this money. We wont get this money if she heads back to Satara. Ajji asks her if they will have to make Tara stay in Mumbai to earn and manage the expenses. Radhika says it isn’t wrong. I came back early as I saw everyone shopping there quietly. I was compelled to buy it. I need it for my dance. I need money for the costumes, jewellery and props. Let Tara stay here. she will help us. Chinu agrees. She can study here in Mumbai. Ajji says it is impressive. You want her here as she is earning now. Chinu says I am saying this for Radhika. Our biggest concern was expenses. Tara’s salary will help all of us. Radhika is right. Varun agrees. How will we convince Dada? Ajji says I will pacify her for Tara’s sake. I will be very glad if she will stay here. Driver asks them if they are ready to leave. They say no in unison. Varun asks them what they will say to Sachin. Bedane gives a silly idea but Ajji calls Sachin.

Driver asks Tara to let him go. The meter is on. Tara agrees to pay him once they reach a decision.

Ajji speaks to Sarita. Sarita shares that Sachin is very excited since he heard that Tara is coming home. You should see him right now. Sachin asks her who she is speaking to. He gives Tara’s favourite vegetables to Sarita. She will be thrilled. He speaks to his mother. She tries to tell him about the change in plan but he says I have to clean up Tara’s room. I met his Madam and told her that she will clear exams this time. She should clear her exams this time. I will be at peace. I have decided to change my class timings for her sake. I will also pick and drop her to school. Ajji realises that he is very excited to welcome Tara home. He has so made many plans already. She tells him to be ready to welcome Tara tomorrow. Chinu asks Radhika the price of the item she is holding in her hand. Radhika lies that Gurpreet gave it to her. Ajji tells them that she couldn’t tell Sachin anything. Bedane says you still have 2.5 hours. Chinu says we must pacify Bhau somehow. There is no guarantee though. Now God must come down himself! Tara wonders if Bappa will come to help her.

Amitabh Bacchan is walking towards his set.

Tara rues that no one will come to pacify Bappa for her. I think I must leave or I will miss the bus. She tells the driver to start the taxi and sits down. Ajji, Chinu, Bedane sit in the backseat. Radhika and Rohan head home.

Driver complains of the delay. He demands of Rs. 120 as waiting charge. Tara requests Bappa to send someone to help him. Bedane advises her to help herself if no one is actually turning up to help her. Tell him clearly that you don’t want to come back. She denies. I only talk to myself and Bappa openly. There is no point speaking to Baba. He asks about Bappa. He might send some angel to speak to your Baba.

Radhika calls Bedane. Tell Tara to call Venky right away. He wants to speak to her about something urgent. I will send you his number. Tara calls Venky. He asks for the key to prop room. She checks her bag and finds the key. He asks her to come to Film City, Studio No. 8 but she hears it as Studio No. 1 . She tells her family to stop the car. I must return this key to Venky asap. Bedane reasons that Radhika can give it tomorrow but Tara insists that it is her duty. Driver refuses to turn around the car or take a halt. Tara and Bedane go to Film City in a rickshaw whereas Chinu and Ajji head to the bus stop like planned.

Bedane asks the driver to drive fast. Driver stops the rickshaw to stare at him. Bedane apologizes to him. Please continue.

Sachin asks Sarita to cook dinner. I will sleep early so I can wake up early to pick Tara from bus stand. She asks him why he wants to go. Bedane is with her. Do you need an excuse to see her first? Sachin smiles. I want her to come alone safely. She either runs behind a problem or vice versa. Tara and trouble go hand in hand.

Tara and Bedane reach Film City. She is confused about the Studio number. She still thinks of it to be 1. Guard stops them from going inside. Tara says I have to meet Venky Bhaiya to give him the key. He insists that there is no Venky here. This isn’t the set of Dancer Number 1 either. Bedane fails in explaining it to him. Bedane tells Tara to call Venky Bhaiya.

Chinu is unhappy as the kids might get late.

Tara is unable to reach Venky. She tells Bedane to do something. I will otherwise tell Baba that we missed the bus because of you. He thinks of an idea. Let’s go. A guy is wheeling a cart inside. Bedane and Tara hide on the other side behind the cartons and get inside. They get confused / lost inside as they don’t see anyone around. They find themselves on KBC’s set and are thrilled at the realisation.


Tara From Satara 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Amitabh Bacchan is hosting the episode when Bedane and Tara walk up to him. They have a fan moment. Bedane tells Amitabh that Tara thinks she has no talent so she is leaving Mumbai. Please tell her something. Varun is waiting for Bedane and Tara at the bus stop.


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