Tara From Satara 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update


Tara From Satara 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Tara From Satara Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Tara From Satara 2nd December 2019 Episode Start With Sachin travels in an autorickshaw thinking he should reach venue before Radhika’s performance, else it would be waste coming all the way till here. RT warns Arjun not to go on stage until his drug test is out. Amol announces next contestant’s name with a brief introduction. Rahul comes on stage and describes that he likes celebrating diwali with orphanage children and it is the best feeling. He dances with 2 underprivileged boys on Bhagwan hai kahan re tu..song.. and then Happy Diwali..song. After Rahul’s performance, Amol returns praises Rahul’s energetic and emotional performance. Judges also praise him. Senior judge Srilekha also praises his performance. Amol announces Arjun’s name next. Sachin reaches venue.

Guruji holding drug tests says doping is a big crime and if he finds out anyone with positive, he will end their career before starting. He calls each contestant’s name and says their test is negagtve. Tara hopes Arjun’s test is also negative. Arjun reminisces Rahul giving him spiked juice. Guruji announces even his test is negative. Tara loudly thanks god. Guruji scolds her and says he is very happy that his whole team’s test is negative and hopes they perform loyally. Rahul returns. Arjun tells RT that he knows who played trick, but will confront later. RT asks him to go on stage. Arjun looking into his eyes asks if he will not wish him good luck. RT walks away rudely.

Rahul walks to nervous Radhika and says he feels pity for her, what if her father comes here and sees her Bollywood dance. Radhika yells at Tara that she can’t do a single task properly and must not have informed father. Rahul continues making her feel nervous. She asks him to stop. Sachin walks towards stage. Tara sees Arjun nervous before performance and says he looks zero with his nervous face and while he is performing on holi song, he should be smiling and energetic. Arjun says he doesn’t like holi and never played it in life. She says he should number each color with her, aaji and other’s faces and like he dances and enjoys with them he should enjoy with colors. Arjun agrees.

Aniket gives a file to Tara and asks her to give it to Srilekha madam. Tara hands it over to Srilekha and hides behind her seat. Anmol announces Arjun’s name next. Arjun says he doesn’t like expenditure, so he didn’t celebrate festivals at all, but he will perform closing his eyes and imagining his mother. Srilekha thinks she wants to know if Tara is Sachin’s daughter or not, but even after the girl is near her, she is unable to. Arjun’s performance starts on Jai Jai Shiva shankar..song… Everyone clap for her and judges give standing ovation. Tara thanks god for letting her watch Arjun’s show live and hopes her father doesn’t watch Tai/Radhika’s show. Sachin walks into venue reminiscing the insult he faced many years go and banned from entering competition venue.


Tara From Satara 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Radhika performs Bollywood number. Sachin walks in and stands shattered seeing that. Srilekha finds out that Tara and Radhika are Sachin’s daughters.


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