Tara From Satara 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Tara From Satara 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Tara From Satara Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Tara From Satara 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Sarita tells Radhika she has her Baba’s blessings. Dance from your heart. Tara hopes this makes a positive effect on Tai. She makes the entire family pose for a photo for the show. Ajji praises Tara as everyone has started to listen to her. She nods. Varun asks them to sit down asap. We got front row seats. Chinu tells Tara to ask the cameraman to point the camera more in their direction. I have told my family to watch the show. they haven’t seen Rohan also. Focus the camera on him too. Tara nods. Ajji cutely teases Chinu. Tara sends them outside.

Tara asks Radhika if she will do Kathak now. Just show the world that no other dance form is better than Kathak. Radhika walks away quietly. Tara says Tai wont do Kathak. I have no time to convince her. How will I face Baba now? Tai is right. I am indeed a loser! Bedane asks her how she will hide it from her Baba. She decides to tell him the truth. Only he can make Tai see sense. I know she will never say no to him. She dials his number but there is no response.

Sachin realises that he forgot his phone in the dance class. He notices a boy watching Dancer number 1 on his mobile and walks up to him. He tells the boy that his daughter Radhika is also dancing in the show. She was on top 3 in the last epi. A lady standing nearby compliments her dance. They suggest Sachin to board a taxi or he might get late for the show otherwise. Sachin agrees.

Shrilekha asks Ankit to show him the file she had asked for. He nods.

The show goes live. TJ dances first.

Tara is still unable to reach Sachin. Sachin is on his way to dancer number 1 set.

Shrilekha praises TJ’s dance. Paddy meets RT in the CCTV room. Doctors have come to conduct a drug test. RT asks every contestant to come to backstage with their bags. Tara gets confused. What happened suddenly?

Mishika and MK are also very happy with TJ’s dance.

Everyone has gathered in a room. Bedane wonders what would have gone wrong. She tells him to wait and watch. We will find out very soon. RT says someone from our group is having drugs. This has never happened before on our set!

Deepak performs next.

RT says these drugs increase stamina and make your dance look better. It is wrong and illegal to use them though.

Paddy sends the next contestant on stage for her performance. Come back asap though. She nods.

RT tells the contestant to come and confess himself. I promise there wont be any police complaint. No one steps forward. RT says the entire responsibility will be your now. He tells the crew members to check everyone’s bags. Tara is confused. Is there a medicine like that too? Bedane nods. I heard about it on TV. She asks him why someone will do that. He reasons that people go to any length to win a competition. No one finds anything in any of the bags. The search is still on though. RT adds that there is no excuse for any such mistake. Now everyone must go through a blood test. Tara wonders why things are going wrong one by one. Baba would have fixed Tai’s problem in one go if he was here.


Tara From Satara 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun takes a sip from the bottle but finds it strange. He spits it out. Tara asks him what happened. He shares that some powder is in the energy drink. Paddy tells Tara that Rahul will go before Arjun now. She asks him why but he tells her to just do as told. Tara tells Arjun she is sure there is something fishy about it.


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