Tara From Satara 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Tara From Satara 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Tara From Satara Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

Tara From Satara 26th November 2019 Episode Start With Naren shows the recording of backstage camera. Bedane makes him pause the video as Tara comes on screen. Tara reprimands him. I will kill you if you will waste time. They don’t have the entire recording as the camera wasn’t working properly. Bedane says you don’t have anything to save yourself now but Tara says only we know this that we don’t have the complete footage. We can still lay a trap for the real culprit. He compliments her on her idea.

Divya scolds the crew member for not making her dress like she had asked him to. Call your senior here. he nods.

Radhika wonders if Tara has done something till now or not. She is of no use!

Tara and Bedane come to the backstage changing room. They distribute the costumes to the contestants. Radhika asks her if she had a word with Baba. Tara says I dint get a chance. Radhika asks her if she does not understand what it means. What if Baba sees me dance on another dance form apart from Kathak? Tara advises her not to dance on Bollywood song then but Radhika tells her to do as told. Tara dials Sachin’s number but then disconnects the call. I cannot lie to Baba. Radhika tells her not to do anything. You are of no use to me. Bedane asks her if she is scolding the one who is trying to protect her. Radhika fails to understand him. It is no point talking to you guys! She walks away in a huff. Tara tells Bedane he was right. It is indeed a war! Bedane says it is time to meet Ankit Sir. She requests Bappa to make him see logic but he reasons that Tai isn’t giving her a chance like him. Let’s do this quickly. She nods. She loudly tells Bedane that they have found the CCTV footage of the video where the culprit is forwarding Gurpreet’s video to MK. RT Sir will be watching the video very soon. The real culprit will be out of the show and academy now. Bedane laughs along. Divya has overheard everything.

RT, Shrilekha, Mishika and MK reach the set. MK praises the set in front of RT. Shrilekha tells a crew member to send Ankit to her room. RT tells her that he has redesigned her room as she dint like it last time. She goes to check out her new room with RT.

Tara and Bedane are hiding. Bedane notices her dialing her Baba’s number and disconnecting the call. Why are you torturing yourself? She shares that she doesn’t have the guts to tell him what Tai is up to. He says we have no time. Let’s tell Ankit Sir it was Tai who had sent the video and you can just go on stage in her place now. She tells him not to do it. They wait patiently as someone walks in. It turns out to be Ankit though. They ask him to hide with them so they can nab the real culprit. Someone comes in wearing a hoodie. The girl starts checking the tapes. Ankit removes her hoodie and is shocked to see Divya. What are you doing here? She replies that she came to see how the system works. It’s so complicated yet interesting. He tells her to go to rehearsal hall as the show is about to start. She cooks up an excuse. Bedane asks her if she came to check the video. Divya denies. I couldn’t figure out anything. Tara says you can clearly see how you took Tai’s phone and sent the video to MK Sir. Bedane suggests her to show it to Divya. Divya admits that it was she who did is behind this. Ankit tells this to RT. Divya is miffed with Tara upon realising that she dint have the actual footage at all. Ankit and Bedane praise Tara. RT scolds Divya. She apologizes to him. Please don’t throw me out of the show. my family wont be able to cope up with the shock. He tells her to stop her drama. I wont do anything now. Tara notices Sachin’s incoming call. We cannot pick it now. RT sends Divya outside. Divya warns Tara just before leaving. RT assures Ankit he will punish Divya for her mistake but now it not the time. We have to focus on tonight’s episode.

Tara tells Bedane she was right. Tai hadn’t sent that video to MK Sir. He nods. What will you say to your Baba though? She calls back Sachin. Someone from the academy picks her call. I will tell him to call you back once he is here. She nods and ends the call. Where would he be? How and when will I talk to him now?

Sachin reaches Mumbai. He recalls what had happened last time when he was in Mumbai and how Sarita had requested him to forget his past and move on. Varun / Sarita calls Tara. Sarita tells Tara she has brought ghungroos. Did you speak to your friends about shooting? Tara panics. I am coming outside. wait there only. She ends the call. Tara rues that she had suggested that they should give ghungroos to Tai when she will be about to go on stage. It is my fault. He tells her otherwise. She is still hoping that this gift might make her change her mind. I am sure she wont break Baba’s heart. He says there are 50-50 chances of that. She asks him to bring Aai backstage. I am going there only.

Bedane brings Radhika backstage. She is shocked to see her entire family waiting for her. Tara shares that Baba has sent something special for her. Sarita gives ghungroos to Radhika as Sachin’s legacy. It is his blessing. Your Baba got this from his Guru ji and he wants you to have them now. Wear these for your dance. You now have your Baba’s and his Guru ji’s blessings. Now no one can stop you from taking Kathak to great heights with your dance!

Past memories haunt Sachin.

Sarita asks Radhika if she is missing Baba. Radhika nods. Sarita says even he missed you a lot. When he wore these ghungroos he felt as if Natraj was blessing him. You will feel the same way when you will wear them. Tara is hopeful that maybe these ghungroos will do what she couldn’t. Baba will be thrilled to see Tai wearing these ghungroos during the dance.


Tara From Satara 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Second epi goes live. A guy tells Sachin to take the taxi if his daughter is performing in Dancer number 1 show. The show might start soon. Sachin is on his way to the set. Tara encourages Radhika to do Kathak and make their Baba proud. Radhika looks at her.


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