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Swaran Ghar 9th November 2022 Swaran with Ajeet says I cannot believe you are infront of my eye, she gets emotional, you have been in lot of trouble because of me, talk to me or atleast fight with me, until you won’t say I’m okay I won’t feel good. Jay walis to them says father is getting fine because of you.

Swaran says I’m the reason because of his bad condition and apologies to Jay. Jay says I know whatever you are saying is because of that letter, I had to write that letter because of Baljeet, you did what was right for you and I did which was right for my father but I know my father won’t forgive me for this. Swaran say’s don’t feel bad everything will be fine.

Saroj ask Bebe where is Swaran and where is my money she didn’t come till now. Bebe says what you will do with the money. Saroj says that money is mine I’ll do whatever I want. Chandani brings money for her. Saroj take money and leave. Chandani says come now we will see the drama.

Chandani call someone and give discription of Saroj. Yug ask who did you call. Chandani says don’t worry. Few Transgender stops Saroj congratulate her and ask for money. Chandani Yug and Bebe looking from upstairs. Chandani says I’ll go down for more fun. Saroj ask them to get away. Chandani bump into Saroj and she drops her purse with money. Transgender take the money and leave.

Chandani laughing. Saroj scolds her for laughing. Chandani says your son ask me to to smile and now you are saying stop smiling, I should go and ask my husband what to do but it’s not the right time he is in operation and anything can go bad and she start crying. Transgender take Saroj purse but she walks away.

They return Chandani her money back. Chandani thanks them, Bebe says what if she come back yo take her money. Chandani says I’ll call them back. Chandani give them money and says give us blessings. They give there blessings and walk away. Bebe says to Chandani I don’t know who you are but I’ll pray for you.

Swaran ask is there any difference in his condition. Jay says when you came he felt good as if he knows you are here. Doctor ask what is she doing here and says I don’t want any nonsense what she did yesterday. Jay says come check him he open his eyes earlier. Doctor do checkup. Jay ask what happen. Doctor says he is still in come but his mind is active and he can listen everything.

Swaran ask Jay what happen yesterday, he was saying I was here. Jay says wait I’ll explain you everything. Swaran says I cannot wait I have to go hospital for surgery. Jay says everything is fine nobody is looking for you there. Swaran says but Baljeet wont give his liver before signing the papers. Jay says he accepted to give liver after signing paper. Swaran says how is that possible. Jay says same way as Doctor said you were here yesterday. Swaran says I was in home.

Chandani get’s excited says everything is possible with Chandani. Kiran ask what do you mean. Yug and Bebe handle the situation.

Swaran says I don’t understand anything you mean my lookalike sign the papers how is that possible. Jay says I’m telling truth Chandani looks like you and tell her everything. Swaran says how can I believe this. Jay says you have to believe she is been send by god. Swaran says but she is fake and Baljeet will understand everything it will be bad for her to look like me.

Chandani eating food. Yug ask how much hungry are you. Chandani says I’m stress eating and says your Bebe handle the situation or your Kiran would have known everything. Saroj walks to her take her food and start scolding him. Chandani get’s angry and she start crying infront of her, she hugs her tightly and start shaking her. Saroj run away.

Jay says to Swaran teaching lessons to people like Baljeet is piece of cake for her, don’t worry Nakul is been operated. Swaran says I want to go there. Jay says you can’t go Chandani is already there.

Chandani says to Jay I’ll teach them lesson don’t worry just wait to go home. Yug says before that we have plan how to bring mom here she must be anxious. She says so bring her but I’ll teach them lesson.

Bebe take medicine. Nimmi ask Bebe so the person inside is not Swaran. Bebe says no. Saroj on call says what did you say , but you took the sign on paper, so you want finger prints, yes we are here you can come and she disconnects the phone. Bebe and Nimmi hear her conversation.

Swaran singing song for Ajeet. Jay says you both use to sing this song. Swaran says yes we use to sing in morning assembly and tell hie naughty his father was.

Yug says to Bebe what are you saying. Bebe says registrar is coming here to take thumbprint of Swaran. Yug says how can I forget that, I have to call mom. Chandani says I won’t give my fingerprint it’s better I’ll run.

Yug says but where you will go, if Swaran is not here he will wait for you so it’s better I’ll call mom. Nimmi says but she will take time to come and he will be here soon. Yug says we have stall him till that time. Chandani says don’t worry I’ll tie a bandage on my thumb. Yug says don’t do that it’s an old trick, we don’t have nay other option. Chandani start walking. Yug ask where are you going. Chandani says don’t worry I’ll come back.

Swaran remember her time with Ajeet how he use to drink tea, she does the same infront of her. Ajeet reacts. Jay says did you see something. Swaran says yes, she calls Ajeet says everything will be fine and pray for him. Swaran receive call from Yug, she ask her about Nakul. Yug says everything is fine his surgery is done but you have to come here. Swaran disconnects call says Nakuls surgery is done, I have to leave but don’t worry I’ll come daily and talk to Ajeet about everything then he will wake up because he can’t tolerate his insult.


Swaran Ghar 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saroj says to Chandani I’m hungry so I’ll go to canteen to eat something and you won’t leave until I come back.Saroj see Swaran out of hospital.Saroj scolds Swaran in hospital for going out. Swaran says what are you saying.

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