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Swaran Ghar 7th November 2022 Yug says to Chandani, Ajeet going in coma was bad then Nakuls health also get serious and explain him about Nakuls condition in hospital and how Saroj ask his mother to marry Baljeet to save Nakul. Yug says mom doesn’t have any other choice and had to marry that monster.

Swaran sign the papers. Everyone at home Saroj ask her to get ready to marry Baljeet. Yug says Baljeet was scared of Ajeet so he try to kill him in hospital so he don’t come in his way again. Jay enter room and save his dad from Baljeet. Baljeet ask Jay to go out with his father from backdoor and never come in his life and ask him to write a letter.
Baljeet says to Swaran that Ajeet ran away from hospital here is the letter from his kid. Swaran in shock ask him about Ajeet.

Baljeet threatens her and ask her to smile everytime and walks out. Swaran reads letter say how Jay was wrong for getting ready for there marriage and how things have changed and he won’t be coming back to help you or support you. Swaran get’s emotional.

Jay says to Chandani my father is my everything and I wrote that letter and bad condition snd if my father gwt to know about that letter he will hate me a lot, please help us. Chandani says this mean he sacrificed his life for your mother. Yug says but Baljeet ruined everyone’s life. Chandani ask Yug to give this knife to your mother and end his life. Yug says she is not that kind of lady she will fight for her problems because only Nakul can help him.

Swaran pray to God to help her and save Nakuls life.

Chandani ask tell me what to do. Yug says you have to vome to my house and first we have to see if Baljeet is donating his liver to Nakul because he is postponing the surgery after marriage.

Baljeet walks to Swaran with medicine. Swaran says doctor ask you to take these medicines tonight. Baljeet says don’t worry come sit with me, don’t be scared come close to me. Swaran feeling scared. Baljeet give him water to drink. Swaran see medicine rapper in water and tell him about that. Baljeet get’s angry throw the water says I’m going to donate my liver to your kid and you are giving me dirty water to drink.

Swaran gets anxious fill another glass of water to him. Baljeet says I don’t want to have medicine now. Swaran ask him to be careful because of water. Baljeet says you look so beautiful when you take care of me and he eats medicine and says I’ll go and sleep, he ask her wish him goodnight. Swaran says goodnight to him and he walks away.

Yug says to Chandani that man has ruined my mom’s life, I want to take my mom’s pride back from him and tske revange. Chandani says I’ll help you tell me what you want me to do. Yug says you won’t change your decision.

She says don’t worry I won’t change and ask him to handle police. Yug says don’t worry we will handle police. Chandani says no one question me for anything. Jay says okay we promise we won’t ask anything. Yug says okay we have to do arrengements now. Chandani says tell you mom I’m coming to save her life.

Swaran om call with Yug. Yug says believe me just out of house after one hour. Baljeet says do you even know what are you saying, if Baljeet get to know everything will be ruined. Yug says have faith in me everything will be changed and my actions will help you meet Ajeet, so when he is asleep come out of house. Swaran says I’ll come if this will help Ajeet because I’m the reason for his condition, she hungs up and pray to God

Jay ask Yug will Swaran be able to come out. Yug says before surgery Baljeet will ask mom to sign the papers and I want Chandani to sign papers so before that we have to exchange Mom with Chandani. Yug says okay will she be able to handle she is rajasthani. Yug says don’t worry he won’t get any idea that he is talking to Chandani. Chandani walks in dressed as Swaran, she acts like her and ask tell me do I look like Swaran. Yug says you did a great job.

She goes to her room and see Baljeet sleeping and snoring. She walks to gate, close it from outside. Bebe signals Swaran to move out of house. Swaran downstairs. Saroj walks to her ask why aren’t you asleep till now.

Bebe walks says to Saroj you are also jot asleep till now, she ask Swaran to light diya and come in my room I kept a small pojja for Baljeet and Nakul for operation, she ask Saroj to join for whole night. Saroj says I cannot come for whole night I’ll do it in my room and she walks away. Bebe ask her to light diya and meet Yug. Chandani ring the doorbell.

Chandani and Yug on street. Chandani ask where is your home. Yug show her house. Chandani in shock after seeing mansion says this is so huge. Yug says do not try to steal anything I’ll give you more then that because I don’t want him to have any doubt. Chandani says don’t worry and she lookd for her knife. Yug show her knife says you want need this. Chandani says you look different and are different from inside those kind of people are my first choice.

Swaran light diya and pray for Ajeet. Chandani ring the doorbell. Swaran walks to gate, she hear Baljeet calling her and walking down the stairs.


Swaran Ghar 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yug and Swaran together. Baljeet walks to them ask what are you doing here this late night. Yug says she came to open door for me. Baljeet says is someone else is also there with you and ask him to stay away from gate so that he can look out.

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Telecast Date:7th November 2022
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