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Swaran Ghar 3rd November 2022 Swaran enter her home looking for Baljeet and tell Bebe I meet with registrar he said he will arrange all the papers, it will take time but he will do it and if needed he will come to hospital, I just want Nakul surgery to take place and show her name plate. Bebe says Baljeet is not at home.

Saroj walks to her and ask about the crackers. She says don’t worry I brought them whatever you asked, she ask where is Baljeet need to go hospital with him. Saroj says he was here in bar. Swaran says he shouldn’t drink because today is surgery.

Saroj says you know he doesn’t like these things he went to wine shop because still this house is not transferred to to his, he told me if you didn’t arrenge paper till 6:30 he will drink a lot. Swaran looks at time says it’s 6 o clock, she call Chavan and ask him to bring car and she leave. Saroj says be happy because Baljeet don’t like sadness. Swaran pray to god.

Yug driving he gets call from Bebe, he ask her about mom. Bebe says they went out to look Bali, Saroj told he is at wine shop but don’t know which one.

Sharvari with Swaran in car, she ask her why are we going towards highway. Swaran says we are going to find Baljeet at wine shop, he likes where all the truck driver drink so we have to find him at highway.

A lady running towards highway, she ask for lift. Yug stops his car says are you mad do you want to die or what. Lady says please help me police is looking for me. Yug come out of car says are you mad. Lady says someone is in danger asking for help cant you do that, think as if it’s your family member.

Swaran says to driver let’s go further he is not here. Sharvari says your condition would have been different if Ajeet would be alive. Swaran says but he is not and ask driver to drive fast .

Lady hear police siren she sit in his car say help me please. Police arrive and ask why are you standing here, show me your licence. Yug show him document. Inspector ask him about a lady. He says no but what she did. Police say she stolen some goods and they leave. Yug go to lady and ask her to leave. She come out of car and he see her face which looks similar to Swaran.

The women put knife on his neck and threatens him to kill. Yug surprised remember Swaran begging to Baljeet. Yug says I need your help. She says how can I help you. Yug says I’ll tell you everything and even give you money. She start walking says you can’t buy me. Yug ask her about her name and why police is looking for her.

She says my name is Chandani. Yug says stop or else I’ll call police. Chandani says call them and I’ll accuse you. Yug says you can help me a lot my mom is in problem and it’s only you who can help me. Chandani says if you try to act smart I’ll kill you. Yug says don’t worry.

Swaran ask driver to stop the car, she see Baljeet buying alcohol. Sharvari says do you think he will listen you. Swaran says please be quite right now I need his help she run towards him and stop him from drinking says please come with me today you can’t say no to me earlier I did everything you asked.

Baljeet says how can you stop me from drinking. A man ask Baljeet is there any problem. Baljeet nothing as usual she don’t want me to drink and when she didn’t do as I asked now stopping me from drinking. Swaran beg her to come with her. Baljeet ask her to leave him alone go and look for some other doner.

Yug bring Chandani to a place. She ask what is this place. He says she helped us a lot.

Swaran try to convince Baljeet she show him name plate for house. Baljeet says I didn’t like it. Swaran says don’t worry you can make your own afterwards but now please come with me. Baljeet says if you would have pray for me then I could have thought but you pray for Arjeet.

Yug says to Jai she is here and call Chandani inside. Jai looking at her and ask them come in. Chandani looks at Ajeet ask who is he. Yug says he is in coma. Chandani ask then how can I help. Jai said I didn’t believe when you told about her. Yug says that’s why I brought her here might she can make things good, he ask Chandani to sit infront of him. Chandani sit beside him and looking at him,

she touch him and Nakul show some movement.
Doctor check him say it’s a merical what you did. Yug says everything happen just because of Chandni. Doctor says then she should live here with him. Chandani ask why should I live here I have a lot of work.

Yug try to stop her. Doctor stumble into Chandani. She gets angry and put knife on his neck says are you blind. Yug says it was a mistake why do you bring out knife again and again. Chandani says I’m not s person who keep quiet and Im not scared of anyone, don’t teach what to do or not to do. Chandani says please forgive me and start leaving. Yug sit infront of her says I won’t let you go please you have to saty here.

Yug try to convince Chandani to wait. Chandani ask what I’ll get in return. Yug says you can live here and we will give money too. She says that won’t be more then my jewellery, she walks toward gate. Yug says we can save you from police, come I’ll explain you.

Swaran begging Baljeet. A man says to Baljeet your wife is begging you to go with her why aren’t you going, if she would have been my wife I would have gone to heaven with her. Other man says she looks from a good house. Baljeet says don’t I look from a good house. Man says I never saw this kind of behaviour of a guy towards his wife.

Chandani says don’t try to fool around with me. Jay says we are not messing with you, we need your help. Yug says I’ll explain you everything please help us. Chandani says I’ll stay with him and describe him as dead body. Jay gets angry says if you don’t want to help you can leave.

She start walking away. Yug stops her from going. Jay shouts if she won’t respect our father then I don’t want her to be here. Yug say I apologise and please try to understand, he says to Chandani my mother is in trouble and only you can help us. Chandani says I don’t understand anything and bring out knife. Jai says let her go she just looks like Swaran aunty.

Baljeet says my wife wants my liver. A man takes Baljeets whisky and says to Swaran don’t you worry I’ll not give him bottle. Swaran beg him again to go with her to save her child.


Swaran Ghar 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Chandani says to Yug you helped me from police so I can thank you for that.Swaran give Baljeet dinner. He ask her to sit there and smile.Jay says Chandani ran away. Yug says we have to find her only she can help my mom to get out from her condition

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2022
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