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Swaran Ghar 3rd May 2022 Episode starts with Swaran talking to Dolly and praising the bride Pinky’s features. Micky is with Pinky.

Nimmo comes there and says I will ward off the bad sight. Pinky’s mum asks Micky to wait outside for sometime, someone from groom’s side has come to ward off bad sight. Micky goes to Swaran and says Pinky refused for the makeup. Swaran says I will talk to her. Nimmo adds something in the cream. She leaves.

Vikram comes to talk to Ajit at his dhaba. Micky says we will try a natural face pack instead this cream. Pinky doesn’t listen. She applies the cream. Nimmo smiles and thinks now a storm will come in 5 mins, Swaran. Vikram scolds Ajit. Ajit asks him to calm down. He gives a glass of lemon water to Vikram.

Vikram says I have come to show your black deeds. Ajit says it’s a good day, you don’t say this nonsense. Vikram argues. Swaran and Micky stay with Pinky and start the makeup. Ajit says I m thinking of Kanwal. Vikram says you have done a disgusting thing. Ajit says fine, forget it, you have the juice first. Vikram drinks.

Ajit says now we will be calm. Vikram taunts on his confidence. Swaran says I will just come. Nimmo leaves. Pinky says some aunty is in washroom. Swaran says but the door is open. Nimmo thinks thank God, I left on time. Pinky asks Micky to apply the makeup over the cream layer. Ajit asks why are you doing this.

Vikram asks why did you enter the widow’s house. Ajit says I m protecting her from thieves like you. Vikram says I m her son, not a thief. Ajit says then you should have gone by the door, you should have learnt something from your dad, do you know what is your mum going through, how can’t you understand relations today, you were so calm in childhood. Vikram leaves.

Pinky shouts and holds her face. Swaran asks her to wait. Nimmo says Pinky is in pain because of cheap cosmetics. Dolly and Gurmeet go to see Pinky. They see the rashes. Dolly says Rakesh will see Pinky and go away.

Micky says this happened because of that cream. Pinky cries. Dolly and Gurpreet scold Swaran. Swaran says calm down, don’t say anything, this is an allergy, we will fix it. Dolly asks do you guarantee. Swaran says yes, I guarantee this. Dolly says baraat will come in an hour. Swaran says you will see Pinky’s stunning look, go out and do your work, let us fix this. She promises Gurmeet that Pinky will become a beautiful bride. She thinks what to do.

Kiran asks Vikram did he beat Ajit. Vikram says no, keep this pic at a safe place, I didn’t show him the pic, just calm down. She asks why, are you fine. He says yes, when is Nakul coming back. She says in two days, what did you do at dhaba. He says I have a lemonade there. Ajit comes and meets Swaran. He says I get marriage catering orders. The man thanks Ajit. Ajit says we should serve people sometimes along with business. Swaran says I know you have come here for my sake. Gurmeet asks are you doing something. Swaran says yes, I will do it, just go.

Ajit jokes. Swaran says I don’t want your help. He says I will always help you. Nimmo messages Kiran. She sees Ajit and hides. She says he always reaches everywhere. Vikram says Ajit is illiterate, but he said a good thing,

he said dad would have solved everything logically, not aggressively, why don’t we handle everything like dad, think what would dad do in this situation. Kiran asks what do you mean. Ajit says you won’t find any solution in tension. Swaran thinks. He asks her to think well and find a way.

Swaran asks the man to get curd and cucumber. Ajit asks his staff to get it soon. she says Kanwal had made business of organic beauty products, so I had learnt it. Ajit says you found a way, thank me. She goes.

Vikram says I will go to his photo studio and find out the truth. Kiran says there is nothing written in the letters. He says its fine, mum has also written letters to Ajit, we will get something in it. She says right, I didn’t think of it. He thanks Ajit for the idea. Dolly gets angry. Gurmeet says Swaran will make Pinky fine.

Dolly asks why did you get Swaran and Micky here. Ajit asks her to wait, she will know who is gold and who is a stone. He thinks Swaran needs time, these ladies will disturb her, how shall I buy time for Swaran. Nimmo says he has a solution for everything. He calls Amber and asks her to help. Amber and Nehmat come in the function, and perform. Ajit plays the dhol. Swaran and Micky try to heal Pinky’s rashes.

Swaran sees Amber and Nehmat dancing. She sends them. Micky says Ajit can fix anything. Swaran says but Kanwal has done this today. Micky says Ajit reminded you of him. Ajit and everyone dance. Amber and Nehmat bring Gurmeet to Pinky. Gurmeet sees Pinky in her stunning bridal look and thanks Swaran. Ajit comes. He says everything went well. Swaran says yes. He sees Nimmo hiding behind the curtain. Nimmo leaves.


Swaran Ghar 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajit asks Amber to follow Nimmo. Amber asks Nimmo do you know anyone here?Ajit asks Nimmo to tell why is she here, before barat comes in.

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Telecast Date:3rd May 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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