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Swaran Ghar 31st May 2022 Episode starts with Ajit saying I had seen the truth, you had slapped Divi. Swaran says you really think so. Ajit says I have seen the video, who are you to slap her, tell me. Swaran recalls and cries.

She asks what shall I say. He asks her to clarify. She says when a heart is clean, then clarification isn’t given. She keeps the tea cup and asks him to take care. He says you want to cry and prove me wrong.

She says don’t shout, Kanwal never did this. He says I m not Kanwal. She says yes, right, you can never be Kanwal, because you are Ajit, I got to know that you got discharged from the hospital, I knew you will come here, I thought to tell you my feelings, I felt I have nothing to lose now after I lost Kanwal and my sons leave, but the last two days made me realize that I have a lot to lose even now, that’s you,

forgive me, I don’t want to lose you. She goes. Ajit thinks Divi is my weakness, why did you do this. Swaran thinks I didn’t slap Divi, how shall I say what she did. She says I have to think how to tell Bebe about Kanwal.

She comes home and sees Bebe. She gets shocked. Bebe asks where is Kanwal, why did you make this house a hostel. She calls out Kanwal. Swaran says forgive me. She hugs Bebe and says Kanwal left us, he will never come now. Bebe is shocked. She asks how can he go without meeting me, where did he go. She sees Kanwal’s pic with garland. She hugs his pic and cries. Nimmo comes and says Swaran has hidden this truth from Bebe and didn’t let her sons attend the last rites.

Bebe says Swaran will get punished. Swaran’s imagination ends. Neelu asks are you fine. Swaran says yes. She sends an audio message to Nirmal. Nirmal replies I m at the hospital with Bebe for her checkup, I will make you talk to her in the evening. Nehmat asks Swaran is she okay, she fainted and got hospitalized. Swaran says I m okay. Amber asks about Ajit.

Swaran says he is fine, he will go to his home now. Ajit goes home. Divi does his aarti. He hugs her. Amber and Nehmat say we are also his family. Swaran says yes, temporary family, but he has a permanent family. Divi asks Ajit to take rest. Varun asks Ajit to take care, Divi will be there to take care of him. He leaves.

Swaran thinks it was right that this chapter ends. Ajit promises Divi that he will never meet Swaran now. He says just you have a right on me, I will apply the ice on your cheek, sit. Divi worries. She asks him to drink the milk first. He says you are my daughter, let me do this. Dhillo comes and shows the car toy. Divi says I will do this myself. She thinks the makeup got removed. She applies some lipstick marks again on her cheek. Ajit asks is it fine now. Divi says yes. He looks at her. He thinks her other cheek was red in the hospital, it means Divi….

Nehmat comes home to meet Ajit. Divi says he is resting, come later. Nehmat says its imp. Divi says Nehmat has come to meet you. Nehmat asks are you fine. Ajit asks her to sit. She says Vikram has filed a case, its hearing date is final now. Ajit recalls Swaran. Nehmat says Vikram has a big proof against Swaran,

when are you coming back. He says I don’t think I can come back. She asks are you hiding something. He says nothing, I will make tea for you. She says no, I m getting late for the court, everyone is missing you a lot in Swaran ghar. He leaves. Divi asks what was she saying, drink the milk. Swaran says I m waiting for Nirmal’s call.

Yug asks did you decide to tell Bebe, everything will be fine. She says I wish she forgives me. He asks did you talk to Ajit. Nehmat comes and asks did you talk to Ajit, did he behave rudely with you also. Ajit gets the tissue in the bin. He says why did Divi do this. Swaran says I will handle everything. He says I trusted Divi and scolded Swaran so much. Swaran says I have decided to tell the truth to Bebe. Nirmal asks her to think again.

Swaran says I have thought it well. Vikram comes with his lawyer. He says I need to talk. Swaran blesses her. She recalls his words. Vikram says court date is final. Swaran says you came to make a deal, sorry, I won’t give you Swaran ghar. Vikram asks for the insurance amount. She asks won’t you give anything to your brothers. He says they got mad, don’t worry, they will come to me and ask for their share.

She says at least my two sons regret their deeds, you won’t get anything this way, we shall meet in the court. He says you will regret. He leaves. She goes to make a call to Bebe. Bebe asks where is Kanwal, why doesn’t he call me. Swaran says I m going to tell you something.

Nirmal asks Bebe not to take stress and listen to Swaran. Swaran cries and says Kanwal is no more, he got a stroke last month. She tells everything. Bebe says I can’t hear your voice well. Swaran doesn’t hear her voice. She says sorry, forgive me, I didn’t tell this before, are you listening, say something. Bebe ends the call. Swaran cries and leaves. Vikram comes there. He answers Bebe’s call.

Bebe asks what were you saying, I couldn’t hear anything. Vikram smiles. He says its me Vikram, how are you. Bebe gets happy. She asks what are you doing in India. He says Yug and Nakul are also come, it will be good if you come. She agrees. He thinks I will plan at the right time, even Ajit won’t come to save her.


Swaran Ghar 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajit says to Divi, Swaran slapped my daughter, she has to be punished, let’s go Swaran.Vikram tells Kiran, I have something big and there will be a big blast.

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Telecast Date:31st May 2022
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