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Swaran Ghar 30th May 2022 Episode starts with Ajit and Swaran taken to the city hospital. Divi and Jai attend Ajit. Doctor asks the nurse to take care of that lady. Divi sees Swaran. She asks what is she doing here.

Nurse says Swaran was unconscious, so we had to get her. Divi says she is doing a drama. She asks Swaran to get up. Jai asks Divi to come with him. Micky says I m going to find Swaran. She runs and collides with Nakul.

He asks what happened. She says aunty ji isn’t at home since morning, she isn’t taking calls, shall we go and see. He gets Kiran’s call. He says I dropped Aarav for tuition, I have some work, I will come and tell you.

He goes with Micky. They collide with Mrs. Chadda. They go. Mrs. Chadda thinks what’s going on between them. Jai says Ajit’s state is still the same. Nurse says he was fine on the way. Divi asks what changed now. Jai says Swaran, where is she, can you get her here. Doctor says she is in another ward.

Divi says you are talking of Swaran, she is unlucky for Ajit. Jai says if Swaran can make him fine, then what’s wrong, we are being unlucky for dad now, we can at least try once. Divi cries. They bring Swaran to the same ward.

Divi says there is no change, dad can never get fine, this woman is unlucky for him. Ajit gets stable when Swaran is with him. Nurse says his heartbeat is getting stable. She goes to call the doctor. Divi and Jai smile.

Divi hugs Ajit. She says this happened because of you. Swaran wakes up and sees her. She asks what’s happening. She turns and sees Ajit beside. Divi argues and asks her to stay away from Ajit. Swaran asks is he fine, what happened to him. Divi says he won’t get fine until you are there in his life, stay away from my dad.

Swaran goes after Divi. She says listen to me, I really fainted. Divi asks what’s happening, I had seen your pic with dad, you made your sons out, tell me, it’s a lie. Yug comes and shouts stop it. Swaran asks what are you doing here. He says I got a call from the hospital. He argues with Divi.

He says I m grateful that Ajit helped my mum when her sons weren’t along, no one forced him to come. She says he is a hero, now this social work is over. He says he tried to become my dad in front of my Dadi, he did wrong. Swaran asks him to stop it, Ajit did that to manage the matter,

Bebe doesn’t know that Kanwal is no more. Divi says you did this to use my dad, give me the phone, I told you that I can go to any extent, I will inform Bebe that Kanwal is dead. She calls Bebe. Bebe asks Swaran to say, is everything fine. Swaran asks Divi to stop it. Yug tries to get the phone.

Swaran says Bebe, call got connected by mistake. Yug and Divi argue. Swaran asks them to get quiet. Divi says your mumma is characterless. Yug raises hand. Swaran pushes Yug. She says sorry, take care of Ajit, I don’t want to meet him. She leaves with Yug.

Vikram hears Swaran’s audio recording for Ajit. He says wow, this recording will help us a lot. Kiran tells about Amber and Ashu. He asks what’s this connection. Nimmo says I should like that girl, then Ashu will get married.

Mrs. Chadda says Nakul was going with Micky, they looked in a rush. Yug says you should have stopped that idiot instead me. Swaran says I didn’t tell Bebe about your dad. He says you should have slapped Divi.

Nurse says Ajit is fine now, you can take him home. Ajit asks about the other bed. Divi asks Jai to hurry up, they have to take Ajit home. She says you scared us. Swaran says Divi doesn’t have a mum, Ajit is her everything. Divi says you will get fine in two days, I will take you home, you won’t go to dhaba and Swaran ghar. Ajit says no, Swaran and the girls will be worried for me.

Divi asks who, did they come here, Swaran didn’t come to see you, just I care for you, no one else. He thinks Swaran is still upset with me. Yug says you think you are doing right, think again.

Swaran says Ajit always kept his friendship, its my turn now. He says fine, I will drop you there. Ajit asks Divi about the mark on her cheek. She lies to him. She keeps her phone and goes. Ajit thinks to call Swaran and say sorry. He takes the phone. He sees the video recording. He says Swaran has slapped Divi.

Swaran goes to the dhaba. She asks Sukhi not to just sit, lets make a start. She says I m here, we will start, come. She tries to clear the blast damaged things. They put the board again. She starts cooking the food.

Divi asks for her phone. Ajit asks what’s this. Divi acts in front of him. She holds his hand and says you won’t leave me and go, Swaran slapped me, I will tolerate. She thinks sorry to lie, I have no way to keep Swaran away from you. Sukhi asks the customers to come, the dhaba has reopened. Swaran serves the food to the people. She doesn’t take the money. Yug calls Nakul.

Nakul asks where are you, what, is mummy fine, thank God. Micky asks what happened. Nakul says she is fine, she was at the hospital, she fainted and was taken there, thanks, Kiran will ask me about your dupatta cloth. She says wound might have not healed, come, I will apply the ointment. Kiran looks at them. She says so this is your dupatta. He says I will explain.

Kiran scolds him and asks what’s going on. She says I heard you have a daughter, where is her dad, is he there or not. He asks Kiran to stop it. Kiran asks was this your work, you lied to me. He says we went for some work. She argues. He says you are pathetic, you don’t care for Aarav and me, you just care for my property share. She angrily takes him home. Swaran gets a call.

She asks really, thank you. She says Ajit got discharged from the hospital. Sukhi and Lakhan thank Lord. She says I will make tea. She says my friend is coming back, I will say sorry to him first. She serves the tea. Ajit comes there. She looks at him. She cries happily.

She says I thought I lost you, I got you after 30 years, I don’t want to lose you again, I have made tea for you, sit, don’t worry for the dhaba, we will manage, people have come too, I made a mistake, sorry.

He thinks of the video. She says sorry, I was angry. He asks will everything get fine by saying sorry once. She says no, I will say sorry a thousand times and hold ears, will you forgive me now, I didn’t do anything intentionally, I regretted later, sorry. He misunderstands her.

She says I want everything normal now, forget whatever happened. He says you believe that you did right, you have no regret. She says no, you also did that for the sake of friendship. He says no, your sons are shameless, not my Divi, don’t compare her with them, I made a mistake on your birthday, I should have stayed in limits, you crossed the limits.

Swaran asks what did I do. He says I slapped Vikram because he misbehaved with you, you were present there, what was Divi’s mistake, how can you do this. She asks what did I do, say clearly. He asks how did you slap Divi. She gets shocked.

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