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Swaran Ghar 29th September 2022 Episode starts with Ajit asking Swaran and Arjun what would they like to have. Arjun tells about the catering order. Swaran asks Ajit to take the order. Ajit says no, I can’t take the order, I have less staff.

She says there is a good chance. Ajit asks for cold coffee. Swaran says I will also have it. ye kaisa saluk…plays… Swaran looks at Ajit. Ajit gets busy in making the coffee. Ajit also looks at Swaran. He gets the coffee for Arjun. Arjun says its superb, amazing. He asks Swaran to try it. Swaran gets hesitant.

She drinks the coffee. Ajit looks at her and gets upset. The man gets another glass. Ajit says keep it away, they are sharing the coffee from the same glass. He drops the glass. Arjun says you dropped the glass. Ajit says you don’t need it anyway. Swaran asks Ajit to sit. Ajit says I don’t want to sit in between. He goes.

Arjun says I thought you will ask me not to worry about Ajit, you will convince him. Swaran says we used to listen to each other before. He asks what, sorry, I have to take an imp call. He goes. She cries and goes to Ajit.

She asks what is he doing. Ajit asks Lakhan to get anything else for Swaran if she wants. Swaran asks how are you talking. Ajit ignores her. She asks how much for the coffee. He says you already paid it by your talks, don’t ask what, I know you remember everything.

Arjun says Swaran didn’t say anything, but I have to tell her what I think of her. Lakhan asks shall I make karela. Swaran says yes, it would be less bitter than his words. Ajit gets angry on him. He asks will he do anything being a friend, we will go away and then he will know our value. Swaran looks at him.

Lakhan goes. Swaran asks Ajit to say it on her face. Ajit says nothing. Swaran says I know what’s going on in your heart, you are angry, you want to shout and fight with me. He says it doesn’t matter. She cries. He asks why are you crying now. She says even you don’t care. She leaves. She goes to Arjun and says I have to go. He asks where shall we go, shall we go to a beautiful park nearby.

Ajit recalls Swaran. He calls Bebe and says Swaran had come with Goldie, don’t know where did she go with him, I m feeling scared, will she get away from me. Bebe asks him to calm down. He says I can’t breath well, I feel scared, I can’t stay without her. She asks him to confess his feelings then.

He thinks someone else took my place once, I don’t want to give my place to someone else this time. Swaran recalls Ajit’s words. Arjun asks what’s the matter, you look worried. She says nothing, you are my boss. He says we are just friends here. She says I can’t say it to you. He smiles and asks her to sit.

He says I want to hear it from you. She says I m not able to understand. He says many times, we can’t say things to ourselves, we need a friend. She nods. She says actually, I…. I can’t say it. He says fine, you don’t say, but there is someone to whom you can tell your feelings, to your friend Tanha, when your heart is upset, then meet a friend and share our things. Swaran says I will try,

I didn’t feel this before. He says we forget that we also have feelings and desires, we don’t want to accept it, but we want to quieten the desires, we have to clean off the dust from the leaves of wishes. Swaran says yes, I wish to clean the dust off the leaves. He says then do it, just wipe off the dust from every leaf.

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Telecast Date:29th September 2022
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